September 6, 2017

How your DNA can prevent medicine side effects

Side effects are a very real consequence to some medication and they could be telling you something you may not know. According to mygeneRX, your genetics have a direct effect on how your body processes medication, this metabolism, in turn, may lead to severe side effects. A DNA sample of a simple cheek swab can now be accurately profiled to determine your risk of side effects, which will allow you

Fitness Trends for Staying in Good Shape without Pain

Today, people spend large amounts of money on procedures such as liposuction in order to remove fat and keep their body in good shape. They’re ready to spend even up to $5000 simply because they believe that staying fit the natural way is too painful. But the truth is, staying fit can be quite enjoyable and absolutely painless if you know what you’re doing. And is there a better way