September 19, 2017

Steps Towards a Sugar-Free Diet – Infographic

It is common knowledge that the consumption of large amounts of sugar is detrimental to our health, and most of us will be aware of the type of foods and drinks that are laden with sugar content. What tends to fall under the radar, though, is that numerous food and drink items which are branded as healthy are, in fact, rife with sneaky sugar. That could partly explain why the

Seven easy DIY health tests that can identify serious problems

This particular test may still need professional equipment, but there are similarly easy health tests that you can do at home that don’t require technology to interpret the results. All of the below tests take no longer than a minute, and they can highlight an array of serious health issues, from dementia to blocked arteries and anemia. (Remember: always consult your GP if you’re unsure about medical issues and symptoms.)