October 24, 2017

5 meditation techniques that can help change your life

Life can get busy at times and when it does stress can mount up. Finding ways to cope with stress isn’t always easy and sometimes the methods that you have tried that have worked before simply are not as effective as they once were. When this happens you need to look to new ways to let go of the worrying thoughts that dominate your mindset. Meditation can be a great

Type 2 diabetes: Value of home blood sugar monitoring unclear

It’s a central tenet of diabetes treatment: monitor the blood sugar closely, then adjust your diet, exercise, and medications to keep it in a good range. And that makes sense. Poorly controlled blood sugar is a major risk factor for diabetic complications, including kidney disease, vision loss, and nerve damage. While efforts to carefully monitor and control the blood sugar in diabetes are worthwhile, “tight control” is not always helpful