Medications are the most important in maintaining and improving health. Thus, the medicine must be safe, affordable, available and used appropriately. mproper use of medicines has become acute health problems in humans. It is not only harmful to health but also have a negative impact on the economy and lead waste.
Here is the proper medication usage guidelines. Make sure you know: –

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1. Drugs taken
2. The objective is taken
3. Precise dose to be taken
4. Time to take
5. How to get it
6. How long will it be taken
7. Type of food and drinks to avoid
8. Types of activities that should be avoided.
9. Side effects that may occur as a result of taking drugs

In addition, make sure also that your doctor and pharmacist knows:

1. All medications (including vitamins) you are taking.
2. Types of allergies or interactions that you experience when taking certain medications.
3. Your alcohol intake habits.
4. Whether you smoke or drink caffeine.

Be sure to take medications in a rational manner. Do not take drugs as they like because it will add damage to your health system.

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