Different Studies Emphasizes On The Legal Status Of CBD Products For Health Reasons

All over the world the growing popularity of CBD products has led to several studies to find out whether or not the claims made for its health benefits are true or not. Recently, there was an interesting study performed in the Netherlands. This study highlighted different issues regarding health conditions that can be deduced to CBD products that are on sale almost elsewhere.

In this study, there were 46 different types of cannabis oil samples were collected directly from patients. These samples were either home-made or purchased from an online store. These were then analyzed for it cannabinoid content. According to the study it was found that:

  • For nearly 21 out of the 46 samples label information was available regarding the CBD or THC content. This helped the researchers to compare the claimed content to the analyzed content.
  • It was also found that in many cases the analyzed cannabinoid content differed significantly from the claimed content on the product label.
  • On the other hand it was found that about 7 samples contained no cannabinoids, CBD or THC, at all irrespective of the fact that the sample was homemade or commercially obtained.

It addition to that, there were a few other interesting facts reveled though the study such as:

  • As many as 26 of the 46 samples studied had a THC content of more than 1%
  • In 18 of the 46 samples analyzed there was virtually only THC found with CBD less than 0.1% in amount.

Though several of these samples analyzed were deliberately made to contain a high level of THC in it, this study resulted in a serious concern: whether or not the consumers are aware of the fact that they are consuming THC always when they use the CBD product whether it is oil or a cbd vape pod.

This concern is due to that fact that such consumption will expose the consumer adverse health effects of this psychotropic compound. These effects can be anything of the following:

  • Intoxication
  • Panic attacks
  • Disorientation
  • Anxiety
  • Depression and lots more.

All of these will have severe effects on your health and therefore you must know about the exact legal status of CBD which once again may be highly debatable. However, any product that contains THC rich extracts are strictly prohibited under the law in virtually all countries. This is done to reduce the chances of it affecting the health of common people, especially the patients.

Facts of CBD

There are also several studies conducted and the reports published in several medical journals and different websites to make people aware of the actual facts of CBD. There was an interesting observation in a particular study that showed the presence of non-decarboxylated cannabinoids in high levels in several samples analyzed.

At this juncture you must know that it is a well-established fact that CBD and THC are not produced as such due to the metabolism of the cannabis plant. Rather, the cannabinoids are typically excreted in the form of carboxylic acids such as THC-acid and CBD-acid.

  • Scientific research and clinical tests has proved the physiological effects of these acidic cannabinoids though these studies are conducted in a very limited extent. The study showed that it is only after proper heating of the cannabis during smoking, baking or vaporizing, that these natural precursors get rapidly converted into these more well-known THC and CBD.
  • This is a process called decarboxylation which also takes place while producing the cannabis oils which involves evaporation of the solvents or the step for separating decarboxylation. If a product is found to contain more than 25% of acidic cannabinoid in it, it will indicate poor control over the process for decarboxylation.

However, several producers have found an easy way to address this issue. These producers simply add the content of CBD and CBD-acid up so that they can boast of a higher CBD content on their label. At the same time they also advertise this as “raw CBD.”

  • Such practice of providing incorrect label information on CBD oils and other cannabis products by manufacturers is seen all around the world during several studies.
  • This has led to the natural and obvious similar conclusions regarding the presence of contaminants in these products.
  • This affects the health of the users which is the primary concern and chief objective of these studies.

Therefore, in the absence of a clear legal status for CBD or any agreement regarding the quality control measures, quality standards and on common safety, it may not be surprising that these CBD products will have anything that is desired but a lot that is not desired and good for your health.

The experts say that it is high time that the regulators give CBD the due attention that is required to protect the health of people and assure them that the current CBD products are safe, reliable and affordable. This will be of great help to people who depend extensively on these CBD products to maintain their health.

Good things about CBD products

Well, there is no reason to shun the CBD oils and other products right away that has grown in popularity almost overnight. If it is popular and in demand then there has to be something good in it. The good things about the CBD products are varied and many and are as follows:

  • It is an interesting blend of popular holistic medicine and a miracle cure
  • It is a natural answer to the synthetic drugs that are dominating modern medicine and have lots of side effects
  • It provides the patients with a promise of no side effects and to be able to control their own ailments
  • The patients do not need to feel to be at the mercy of their treating physicians any more
  • It is a powerful product that can deal with both confirmed and self-diagnosed ailments
  • It plays an important role as a useful therapeutic agent for a large number of health issues and medical indications.

However, all these benefits do not take away the need for giving it a legal status.


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