Morning cough, night is a sign of asthma

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I just read some good info from local newspaper and I like to share the info with you..Before that, there might not know about asthma. You can see older entry entitled‘what is asthma’.The disease coughs frequently underestimated by the infected. Some consider it less dangerous, even for their children. Parents should be aware that it may be an early sign of asthma, especially when children often cough at night. Typically, children with asthma caused a continuous cough, noisy breathing and asthma. Usually cough caused the child is wet and phlegm. However there are some children who do not have these signs. It will be difficult to diagnose and many of these children will experience a cough lasting even after taking a variety of medicine.If any symptoms of allergies such as rashes, sinusitis or flu early in the morning, he would raise the possibility of Asama or tired. Children who have asthma problems will get infections in his/her lungs. There are other factors such as dust, smoke cigarettes, fruits, etc. Although the causes of asthma are different but in general what is stated above is the main cause.There is no specific treatment to cure asthma, but most children will recover when you reach the stage of adolescence.There are two categories of drugs while providing treatment to children suffering from asthma medicines that prevent children from asthma attacks and medications that reduce symptoms of asthma.
Source :- Utusan
With a little info that may help parents of children suffer with asthma.

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