Children fat linked to mother low levels of Vitamin D

There’s a research from Medical Research Council Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit (MRC LEU), University of Southampton found that mother has low levels of Vitamin D during pregnancy are likely to get fat during childhood. There’s little is known about the mother’s status affects the body composition of her child. Image Hosting The new research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition scientist at the MRC LEU compared the vitamin D

Pain Killing Transplant

There’s a researcher from University of California found that aleviated chronic pain in mice by transplanting neurons into their spinal cords. The study could lead to better treatments for neuropathic pain. Neuropathic pain caused by nerve injuries where pain occurs spontaneously or at the lightest touch. The transplanted cells released a signalling chemical which silences excitable neurons. This could person to uncontrolled neural activity. These drug alleviate the symptoms without

Estrogen causes man to become fat

What is Estrogen? Estrogen is a hormone that comprises a group of compounds including estradiol,estrone and estriol. No matter male or female. All genders have the hormone estrogen in the body. This hormone is collecting fat only. This means that the existing fat will call the new fat and eventually become much fat.The human body needs hormones to break down fat, but there is also the hormone responsible for increased

Good Cholesterol May Not Lower Heart Risk

I dunno there’s a good cholestrol but the study shown that the good cholesterol may not cut heart attack risk. The report from medical journal, The Lancet found that the link found earlier between good cholesterol and lower heart risk may come from more subtle lifestyle factors tied to higher HDL levels. It may brings a question to the development of medicines such as Merck’s anacetrapib. Before this, scientist said

New Drug to treat advanced prostate cancer

A new drug to treat advanced prostate cancer has been made by Johnson & Johnson’s called Zytiga. In the small clinical trial of six months treatment, the drug nearly eliminated tumors in about one third of men whose disease had not yet spread beyond the prostate gland but was considered likely to do so. Researchers show that bladder cancer and breast cancer patients whose tumors are eliminated before an operation

Beets help prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer

Before you continue reading, do you know what is beets? When I read the article from naturalnews, I was thinking what is the beet? I’ve google and found some information about the beets. It is a plant in the Chenopodiacear family which is now included in Amaranthacaea( okay, it is a bit science..). The plant known in its numerous cultivated varieties the most well known of which is the purple