Health and safety risks of Hurricane Sandy clean up

  Hurricane Sandy make a disaster for East Coast of the United Stated. It affected more than 50 million people there and there’s a potential health and safety risks with the natural disaster. There’s a health risks especially the contaminated water. Other than that’s there’s also health and safety risk need to beware such as :- 1. Rats maybe become one of the problem in this situation. There’s also possibility

Antidepressants is risky for pregnancies

Do you use antidepressants during pregnancy? Or your relative using it during pregnancy? There’s a study that it is not good to use it during that period. The antidepressants called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors(SSRIs) should only be prescribed must be guiding by an expeert. The study published from Human Reproduction journal that shows SSRIs that could risk of miscarriage, neonatal health complication, preterm birth and longer term neurobehavioral abnormalities including

Hurricane Sandy may lead to ratpocalypse

images New York people who face worst Hurricane Sandy may lead to another fears of ‘ratpocalypse’. This will happen because the rat will come from the sewers and onto the streets. No one know how many rats on the city but experts predict that there is at least one rat for each of New York eight million human residents. Maybe some of the rats could be killed in the flood

China adopts mental health law to curb forced treatment

China make a law to protect the first time right of the mentally ill after years of accusations. It is used to lock up people against their will and silence dissidents. The law standardizes mental health care services and requires general hospitals to set up special outpatient clinics or provide counseling. Debates has been made for many years to address an imbalance in Chinese society that lack of mental health

5 Factors Prevention of Calcium Absorption Lead to Osteoporosis

One of silent disease that often attack older women is osteoporososis. It makes your bone weak and more likely to break. The osteon means ‘bone’ while porosis means ‘hole or passage’. photo storage Anyone can get this disease if they take for granted with their bone needs. Appropriate dietery pattern to prevent and cure osteoporosis is food containing balance nutritions and available for healthy bones such as protein; calcium, phosphorus

Healthy Food Makes for Healthy Veins

Unbeknownst to most people, your diet can actually have a substantial impact on your vein health. There are certain foods that promote vein health, thereby preventing the development of varicose veins and spider veins. Read on to see what foods could benefit you and your veins. Image Hosting   Eat More Fiber   To make the link between fiber intake and vein health all it takes is a trip to