Info about Breast Cancer

Hi, Do you know that  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Maybe not all of mention about this. During this month, women are encouraged to ensure their health with self examination and regular mammograms. Most of us must learn more about prevention, treatment and the progress being made in fighting the disease. The possibility of a woman being diagnosed with invasive breast cancer is 1 in 8. The chance of

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Many woman don’t pay attention with breast self exam. Do you know that breast self exam (BSE) must perform at least once per month. The breast physical exam be done because breasts can be more swollen, swollen, and lumpy. Some of women feel embarrassed to perform the exam. Don’t think that way because it involved your health and maybe can protect from breast cancer. Using the exam, you can find

Early flu season continued in US

U.S people now face the flu season this week but no sign yet of a peak in the spread of achy, illness, feverish, coughing according to CDC spokesman. 29 states and New York City reported high levels of flu activity, up from 16 states and NYC the previous week. Flu was widespread in 41 states up from 31 states according from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There’s 2,257 people

Extra Weight Longer Life ?

This statement will make you (and me) confuse. New research shows that people who carry a few extra pounds tended to live longer than normal weight people. The studies including a combined of 2.88 million people.   “It is possible that under certain circumstances, being a little overweight is good as opposed to bad,” says Steven B. Heymsfield, MD, executive director of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge,

Foods to Eat After Denture Surgery

Do you have bad experience after denture surgery? It keep pain because you keep the wrong food. It is a challenge figuring out which foods to eat after the surgery. Your entire mouth is soft and tender so any food which needs you to chew is not a good idea. But you NEED to eat. Here are a few tips that will help you find foods that you can eat with

Glucose in the blood

How many times you check your glucose (sugar) in the blood? It is very important to know your glucose level because it can help you to control of diabetes. The normal glucose level is from 4 to 8 mmol/l. The level will show higher after meals. Blood sugar levels must be control because the higher level means more risk to get diabetes complications such as eye, nerve, kidney and cardiovascular