3 Meds with the Craziest Side Effects Ever

Not all medicine is good. Some of the medicine have crazy side effect. Read this 3 meds that have bad side effects :- jpg image hosting Ambien Ambien (zolpidem tartrate) is commonly prescribed to treat insomnia. But upon closer inspection, it appears this little pill does much more than help the sleep-deprived catch some Zs. According to early case studies published in the journal Sleep Medicine, patients who were on

Lost Hour of Sleep Over Weekend May Put Heart at Risk Monday

upload images THURSDAY, March 8 (HealthDay News) — Not only do you lose an hour of sleep after the clocks move ahead to daylight-saving time this weekend, but you also may be at increased risk for a heart attack, a heart expert claims. “The Monday and Tuesday after moving the clocks ahead … is associated with a 10 percent increase in the risk of having a heart attack,” Martin Young,

Coca Cola and Pepsi lowered levels of chemical

Image Hosting Coca-Cola and Pepsi in their statement said that they will comply with a California law to lowered levels of chemical in their drink brand. They also insisted their drink don’t have any health risks and no change in their recipes. This will avoid them to make label products with a cancer warning due to the rules for California law. A California court decide in December 2011 that 4-MEI

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair ? How Often Should You Wash Your Hair ?

image hosting jpeg Hair is one important part in our body. Beautiful hair will effect on our look. Most of us wash our hair to make it feels fresh and get a good smells. But do you know that over-washing can turn healthy hair into unhealthy hair. Most of hair grows less that half an inch per month. Using lot of shampooing can make our hair dried out and dull

Obese Man's make video to get help

A 23 year old man, Robert Gibbs from Livermore, California make video to get help. The man weight is between 600-700 pounds has tried everything on his own to lose weight, from going on diets to being hospitalized but none of the method succes. Gibbs make the video because he don’t know what to do. Gibbs make this video and know the risk for some people to make of him

The Secrets of the Wold's Healthiest Women

Image Hosting Another great article from yahoo.com but I just give the point. The beauty of the women depend on the how healthiest are there. It’s different from each country. This is their secret 1. French women stay slim with consume butter and cream. They have small amounts of quality, fresh food and antioxidant-rich wine. They also tend to walk instead of attempting to go to gym. 2. Scandinavians eat