Stress relieving Yoga for office goers

Performing yoga in the office premises can be innovative, fun, and relaxing as it provides many long term health benefits. If you have a sedentary job then you end up sitting in front of the computer desk for long hours. As a result, you strain your back muscles, shoulder, and neck, leading to stiffness and tension. If these concerns are not attended to appropriately, they could hamper your ability to

Anti- Smoking Ads from Thai Health

There’s many anti-smoking ads all the world and this is one of good ads. Reminding yourself is the most effective warning to help you quit smoking. Look at the adult, they know the dangerous of smoking but still do that bad habit.. Hopefully this ads could remind smoker.

Tips to Improve Your Memory

Do you have to forget in such a short time. It is unavoidable especially when you become older. Try this tips and maybe it will help you to repair your brain :- Image Hosting

Link of Exercise and hip pain

There’s a research by Dr. John Esdaile, Rheumatologist, Professor of Medicine, University of British Columbia, University of Calgary and Scientific Director, Arthritis Research Centre of Canada about the Hip Pain, Osteoarthritis link to physical activity. Watch the video :-

Free Radicals Leads to Chronic Disease

Do you ever know that free radicals may increase the potential of chronic disease such as cardiovascular, diabetes, arthritis, and cancer? And by the way, what is free radical though? Scientists believed that free radicals may threaten your health and act as the main causes of any chronic diseases. About more than 10,000 free radicals attack our body cells everyday. Free radicals as well defined as active positive charged atoms

Swine Flu and Agricultural Fairs

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CD) are asking people whose attend agricultural fairs to take precautions when around pigs. It is because of a rise in the number of cases of a ‘swine flu’ virus in humans.  People need to avoid contact with the animals especially under 5s, sick people, pregnant women and older people. img upload A report on 3 August, the federal agency found 12