Cycling activities for a healthy society

One of the easiest ways to deal with health issues is to cultivate the habit of cycling among the people. In addition to strengthen muscles and burn calories, cycling activities also contribute to the health of the population effectively and collectively.Exercise bike is lighter and not so much pressure on the joints than walking, running or doing aerobics. Image Hosting For most people regardless of age, exercise bike can be

Chicken Pox Parties is not safe

Image Hosting Have you heard about a Facebook group called ‘ Find a Pox Party in Your Area‘ ? This group is absolutely crazy because they asked parent to send infected lollipop through the mail. It is really weird that there still a people that think the lollipop will protect their kids from chicken pox. It is illegal and dangerous because it will expose to others serious infections such as

Guidelines to avoid back pain

Image Hosting Sometimes we often experience back pain. Here is a guide for avoiding back pain. Lifting 1. Bend your legs, not your spine. Carry the load close to the body. Harden your abdominal muscles when lifting. 2. Get help from others if you are difficult to lift by yourself. Sit 1. Remove the bottom and back of the seat back up, fully seat to reduce pressure on spinal discs.

What is Constipation

INTESTINAL DIRTY, CAUSE DISEASES! Constipation toxins and Lifestyle Practices Collection of Modern and Toxins. How modern life is the result of unhealthy air pollution, water and food filled with toxins. Diet taken by us in modern times contain animal protein and high fat. Coupled with a lack of exercise lifestyle has resulted in toxic waste accumulated in the intestine and the occurrence of constipation and faecal deposited. Deposited faeces is

Tips to make a low-fat foods

Image Hosting Provide low-fat foods is very important to ensure health security. Here are some tips for preparing low-fat foods for your health: – 1. Remove chicken skin or visible fat on meats before cooking. 2. Avoid refrying of fried food. 3. Use oil absorbent tissue or to absorb excess oil on fried foods. 4. Make sure the oil very hot before frying foods to reduce oil absorption. 5. Use

Tips for walking 10,000 steps

A walk of 10,000 steps seem like a difficult activity. Actually it is not as difficult as and can help improve your health. Here are tips for a successful run of 10,000 steps: – 1. Make sure you are not rushed arms swing too high, his head bowed down, and bear heavy loads during walking activities. 2. Get 10,000 steps while in office by using the stairs, park far away