Information about injuries

Injury is one cause of medical problems that often occur. It involves all age groups and became the leading cause of admission to government hospitals and the cause of death in our country. Injuries can be divided into two parts, accidental injuries are not accidental and intentional injuries inflicted. The main causes of injuries caused by accidental is: Road accident Fall Poisoned Burnt Submerged in water The main causes of

Product Overview - Anlene Hi-Calcium Milk

Do you have any problem in your bone? It happen especially when you getting older. The effect will make you suffer from bone pain. The pain causes such as diseases or physical stress. Your bones may start deteriorate from age 30. How to maintain strong bones? – Get a proper nutrition such as calcium and Vitamin D in your diet. Milk is a great sources to provide the nutrients. –

Product Overview - Herbalife Shake Mix

Do you have any problem in weight? Try to diet and exercise but it won’t work? There’s another way to help lose weight with minimum work. Herbalife, a biggest company that expertise in nutrition food. No drug, no injection. Just drink this delicious and healthy meal called Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix. It provide essential nutrients and quality ingredients in an enhanced formula. The key benefit using this product is

Respiratory infection by Adenovirus

I’ve write adenovirus in my previous entry. In this entry, I will discuss more information about this virus.As stated in previous posts Adenovirus respiratory infection symptoms. They can be contagious if the patient coughs or sneezes. Respiratory droplets that people get on their hands, surfaces or dispersed into the air. A person can be infected either by inhalation, contact with the patient’s hand or touching surfaces contaminated with droplets of

Beware of choosing cosmetics

Uploaded with When choosing your whitening materials to ensure they are regulated. Whitening materials available from nature and also through the synthethic process.There are ingredient at the whitening cosmetics such as 1. Arbutin 2. Acid kojic 3. Hidroquinon 4. Azelaic Acid 5. Retinoids 6. Niacinamide 7. Soy protein 8. Aleosin 9. Tranexamic acid Tip use cosmetics products. Before using cosmetic products that are purchased, users are advised to try

Explore the cause of stroke

  Stroke or stroke can change one’s life for a lifetime.Assault victims often experience paralysis and limb weakness at da side of the body or whole body. Many are aware of this disease, but not many people know how it could be attacked.Stroke is a health problem caused by blocked blood vessels and disruption of blood supply to parts of the brain resulting in part is not getting enough oxygen.