Mental Health

Mental health is closely linked with our lives. People often associate mental health with mental illness, but this statement is inaccurate. Uploaded with It involves daily living include: Foster feelings, thoughts and behaviors that are positive in themselves. Ability to interact well with other people, groups and environments. How does a person handle the responsibilities, problems and stress arising from daily life. Characteristics of positive mental health Self Recognizing

Drugstore product that won't buy by doctor

Uploaded with Not all drugstore product are really worked. Even the doctor also have product that they won’t buy at drugstore. There are :- 1. Candy.. Ha haha. The worst product available at many local pharmacy. Why they sell this even it is not a healthy product? 2. There are many product claim it can re-growth hair. The best treatment is using Rogaine as it has been approved by

Tip to slim naturally

There are thousand rules or practices to reduce weight. However, this is the way that does not require large expenditures and proved to be effective after a number of Asian ancestors practiced:- 1. Avoid coconut milk foods. 2. Bake until soft lime and water with lime milk. Sweep the stomach before bed and stole the following day. 3. Roasted ginger and turmeric, then soak in warm water. Drink before bed.

Lack of growth hormone (GH )

Growth Hormone (GH) is a hormone produced by the pineal in our brain. Its use is for growth. While inside the mother until the grow into adults GH serve to stimulate growth of cells in the body. For adults, it serves to improve the cells to form muscle strength. It also prevents the formation of fat in the body.At the age of 30, an amount that is secreted by a

Super germ threat

Uploaded with Super germs are said to be resistant to various antibiotics is spreading in some developed countries like Britain, the United States, Canada and the Netherlands.The scientists in the journal Lancet Infectious Diseases, said that the super germ enzyme called New Delhi-Metallo-1 (NDM-1) able to spread throughout the world because there is no remedy designed to address them. In general, it was recently found among patients who seek

Milk thistle for a healthy heart

Obesity and overweight is a growing phenomenon in the community. Overweight is actually a risk factor for several health problems like diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver disease, and several more. Fatty liver disease was once considered a disease of the West. However, due to changes in lifestyle and diet, incidence is increasing dramatically. It can be caused by excessive alcohol intake or the result of metabolic problems such as obesity,