Everyday we always face with stress. Here are some simple techniques to throw stress :-

Stress-proof yourself
It ain’t easy to stress proof ourself but we need to do it :-
1. Take a joy break. It is fun t o have a luxury time.
2. Relieve what’s good. Resist the temptation and try to recall something pleasant.
3. Sweat to protect. Exercise could reduce stress and may build new super brain cells that are more resistant to stressors.

Make the bliss choice
1. Pay it forward. Perform act of kindness. It may lower stress hormones.
2. Be your own spin doctor.

Savor the moment
1. Slow yourself. Sometimes, move too fast will give more tension to your feeling. Try to slow down your life.
2. Pretend it’s about to end. Believe that your problem will solve and going out.
3. Take a photo walk. Go outside or find a place that fun or beautiful. Click a camera and photography.

That’s all..
Reference :- Health MSN

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