Health Tips for Ramadan

June 19, 2015 zolar 0

For Muslim, during Ramadan our diet should be as simple as possibe and not differ from normal diet. The diet should be such that we […]

Organising Your Life

April 24, 2015 zolar 0

Organised people are not born like that, so unless your parent instilled good habits since you were a toddler chances are your life is a […]

overcoming migrain

How to Overcoming migrain

July 23, 2014 zolar 0

  Headache impact in everyday life. When the headache will be uninterrupted work. The following are some tips to overcoming migrain and reduce the pain […]

Prevent Food Poisoning

February 16, 2014 zolar 0

Food poisoning is common problem that could make our stomach hurt. In this article, I’ll share tips from to prevent food poisoning. Prevent Food […]