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overcoming migrain

  Headache impact in everyday life. When the headache will be uninterrupted work. The following are some tips to overcoming migrain and reduce the pain of headache.Signs of migraine is a throbbing headache followed by vomiting and fainting.  Eventhough migraine is not fatal but it could effect our main system especially brain system. Hereditary factors also cause migraines.   Migrain Symptoms Migraine headaches often begin in childhood, adolescence or early

Alkaline Water

Some people said do not drink much water. Drink a cup of two only, the rules for eternal youth. There is the notion that we need to drink 8 glasses a day. Which is correct? The first opinion, is not correct. The second? Not quite right! “8 glasses a day” is more of a legend that has been accepted as fact. Recently, American Journal of Psychology reveals that there is

Infographic : CPR Advice for Parents

Do you know basic life support ? There’s many facts that we don’t know that we must paid attention. Accidental deaths such as drowning and choking are main cause of death in kids. It often result in cardiac arrest and it could be worst if you don’t know CPR. Look at this infographic that give us information on how parent should perform CPR to kids when something bad happen. Source

Prevent Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is common problem that could make our stomach hurt. In this article, I’ll share tips from to prevent food poisoning. Prevent Food Poisoning Many common diseases of the intestines are spread through food. Sometimes people who harvest, handle, or prepare food pass germs from their hands into the food. Sometimes germs and moulds in the air begin to grow in the food and it goes bad (spoils).

Eat Carrot Picture

Want to feel less tired, more cheerful and energetic life – observe the following strategies to improve energy: 1. Always eat breakfast Believe it or not, the first meal for a day is the most important, providing the fuel needed by the body to ensure you are able to have your day. Never miss breakfast, and if there’s no time to eat pieces of breakfast (breakfast bar), a banana or

50 Reasons to Exercise

Do you exercise today? Not ? It is not good as exercise have benefit to our health. For this entry, I’ll give 50 reasons why to exercise