Fasting for Ramadan brings health benefits


Firstly, I want to wish ‘Happy Ramadan ‘ for all Muslims. It is month which muslims opening with a meal before dawn and no food or drink until sunset called ‘fasting’. There’s rule fasting for Muslims, a person who have health problem can skip the practice

Ramadhan Fasting

This practice can bring some health benefits to the body such as :-

  1. Give body a rest. As our body working in 11 months to eating and processing, this month could help the body system resting. This month also help digestive system to heal, repair and maintenance of the body.
  2. Allows the body enzyme system to focus on detoxifying and breaking down toxins in the body quickly and efficiently. Toxins are being circulated in the body in order for organs to de-arm them during fasting.  This is sensed by the plasma membrance of each cell and each cell will then let go of its load of toxic wastes.
  3. Fasting could promote the resolution of inflammatory processes such as in rheumatoid arthritis.
  4. Fasting can be used to normalize our weight. Weight reduction is achieved by fasting along with other health benefits. It is a natural way to normalize our body weight. The stomach may shrinks to its normal size and the hungry feeling gradually fades away when we fast for a mont.
  5. Fasting could help protect the brain against degenerative illnesses. Researchers at the National Institute on Ageing in Baltimore found evidence which shows that periods of stopping virtually all food intake could protect the brain against some of the worst effects of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other ailments.
  6. There are also cases where fasting help with diabetes people. Fasting has the ability to help people overcome addictions such as tobacco, caffeine and drug.
  7. Feeling of physical is lighter and could increase energy level.
  8. Fasting also promote an inner stillness and enhance spiritual connection.
  9. Fasting also could restore taste appreciation for wholesome natural foods.
  10. The skin becomes more youthful and eyes clear up and brighter. It could rejuvenation in the skin.
  11. Fasting could improve concentration, expands thinking.


Reference :- Chicagotribune

The conclusion is fasting could give many benefits to our body system and not just a religion practice only.  It helps our body to relax and cleaning our body system. It is a natural method of healing (only for some disease). Many professional health experts believe that fasting is the most efficient way for correcting any disease.

Happy Ramadan and may your month full of good health from crew.


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