15 podcasts that are good for you

Any of the top podcasts make it a point to teach you about new concepts. They show you how economics applies in a way you never considered or which players are going to win you your fantasy league. Some are journalistic tales of day to day lives, or true crime, and some contain interviews where spectacular people talk about their foibles. These externally facing podcasts are very entertaining, filled with historical tidbits and fascinating trivia.

However, there is another class of podcast that seeks not only to entertain but to give someone advice on how to improve themselves personally. These have tips that are useful for your health, stress-level, pocketbook, and general happiness.


Fundera put together a list below of some of the most popular and well reviewed podcasts that look at ways to help find something internal that you may be seeking. The listings have references for some of the most popular episodes so you can try some out without worry.

Many of these have advice on action steps for self care, such as the “Happier” podcast with host Gretchen Rubin. Others offer advice on getting rid of stress and finding more in your career. Podcasts like Kevin Kruse’s “Extreme Productivity” focuses on tips for discoveriny strategies for dealing with difficulties and “Eventual Millionaire” interviews successful businessmen and entrepreneurs, asking them to share the strategies that gave them an edge over their competition.

Take these in at your leisure if you are looking to find out more about yourself.

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