3 Dental Surgeries That Can Improve Your Health

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It’s easy to think that your dental health only affects your mouth, but the health of your mouth can affect other areas of your health. The following are three dental surgeries that do more for you than you can imagine.

1. Addressing Gum Disease

A dental care professional takes care of many aspects of oral health, including your gums. Sometimes, an infection within your gums is so severe that surgery is the only option. Gum disease is a chronic condition that destroys the foundations of your dental health.

The inflammatory disease ends up deteriorating everything, from the ligaments under your gums to bone structure. Given enough time, this disease is going to make your teeth fall out. If surgery is needed, then most likely the orthodontist needs to make a few cuts to expose the roots of your teeth.

Once this is done, your oral specialist is going to be able to do some root planing along with whatever else he or she needs to do in there. This type of surgery is sometimes called flap surgery, but it is one of many types available to people. If gum disease isn’t addressed, it could cause all sorts of issues for your overall health like problems with blood circulation. Chronic inflammation can thicken your blood vessels, and that makes it harder for blood to flow naturally as it should.

2. Protecting Your Mental Health

It’s easy to forget how important your oral health is for your mental health. The connection between these two is not obvious, but if you talk to a good orthodontist New York, he or she will tell you the connection is real. This is the reason folks who are missing one or more teeth usually deal with mental anguish.

You’d be surprised how much you lose the moment you lose your teeth. It’ll be hard to smile because you might feel ashamed about your missing teeth. It will be difficult to see yourself smile because your teeth are such a big part of your identity. Depending on each person, losing your teeth could push you into a deep depression, which no one wants.

The good thing is your oral specialist can help you with this problem. A dental implant procedure can help turn your life around. Well, these won’t be your actual teeth, but they will look and feel like your teeth. The procedure requires precision, so make sure you work with an experienced oral specialist.

3. Recognizing Dangerous Bacteria

Everyone knows air enters the body. You breathe it in and breathe it out. This sounds simple enough, but things get a little icky when you recognize that this is the way bacteria get into your body and lungs. Your body has a lot of protective mechanisms in place to protect you from bacteria and other foreign objects trying to make their way into your body.

The problem a mouth full of bacteria poses is that bacteria are constantly bombarding your body, and this can be stressful. Cavities and even gingivitis are issues that need to be addressed to reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth. If you do not address these issues, you might get sick more often than other folks. You might get infections like pneumonia, and you could put yourself at risk of serious complications that you don’t need. This is where your oral specialist can come in and help you out.

Of course, you know that gum disease can be addressed through gum surgery, such as flap surgery mentioned earlier, but cavities also need to be dealt with. There’s a lot that can be done to deal with cavities depending on the severity. One way cavities are sometimes dealt with is with a root canal. This is a surgery that deals with cavities that have eaten up so much of your teeth that only a root canal can remove the contamination.

These are just some types of dental surgeries that could be used to help improve your overall health. Talk to your oral care specialist to see how connected your overall health is to your dental health. This will help you see why you shouldn’t neglect it.

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