4 Key Ways to Safeguard Yourself From HIV/AIDS

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is a chronic, life-threatening disease which can affect almost anyone. Doctors say that the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) causes this fatal condition.To know more about the causes you can read this article as this is their main website .The disorder has the potential to damage the immune system of the patient severely. As a result, the natural defenses of this individual’s body to combat other serious aliments weakens. This is the reason why it is not in a position to fight the microbes. These medical professionals go on to explain certain categories of people are vulnerable to this illness. These include those who have unsafe sexual intercourse with other people or undergo blood transfusions.

Is it possible for a person who has HIV/AIDS to live a normal lifestyle for several years?

These medical experts further state there is, unfortunately, no permanent cure for this disease. However, people suffering from this chronic ailment shouldn’t lose hope. It is possible for them to live for several years and lead a normal healthy lifestyle like others. However, they need to follow the instructions of professional diagnosing and treating them. He/she generally prescribe medicines which they need to take regularly. They should do this without fail if they wish to achieve their objective. Specialists in the medical fraternity refer to such drugs as antiretrovirals. They help to decelerate the progression of the virus responsible for the spread of this fatal disease.

Doctors specializing in this medical field suggest people take the following four important precautions to avoid contracting HIV/AIDS:

  1. Use new condoms during sexual intercourse

Most people have probably come across the popular saying ‘prevention is better than cure.’ This statement is true in safeguarding themselves from this fatal disease. Whenever they intend to have sexual intercourse with another person, they make sure they wear a new condom. Such products are easily available in the market for both men and women. Moreover, they should opt to sure the water-based version rather than the oil-based one.

  1. Consuming emtricitabine-tenofovir drug

Consuming an emtricitabine-tenofovir drug on a daily can prevent the spread of this infection through sexual intercourse. The doctor strongly suggests people who are extremely vulnerable to HIV AIDS to take such a step. However, they should only take such medicines on the recommendation of the professionals treating them. Moreover, they need to understand that this substance doesn’t protect them from other sexually transmittable diseases. They still need to proper precautions during any intercourse. People suffering from hepatitis B need to undergo a thorough blood and liver function test. The results of such medical examinations should dispel any fears the doctors diagnosing them may have. Only then can they take this drug.

  1. Using a clean and sterile needle during any blood transfusion

People may have to take an injection or undergo a blood transfusion for some reason. In such case, they should insist the person carrying out the procedure to use a sterile needle. Moreover, such individuals should dispose of it afterward. This goes a long way in ensuring they don’t end up contracting this life-threatening ailment.

  1. Pregnant women should seek medical attention immediately

If a pregnant woman turns out to be HIV-positive, she should visit a medical professional immediately. This specialist will take the necessary steps to ensure her unborn child doesn’t transmit this fatal disease.

Contracting an HIV/AIDS infection can prove to be fatal to you. Your body’s natural defense weakens over time. As a result, it cannot combat other diseases. However, the above 4 important precautions can prevent such a situation from occurring.

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