5 Ways to prevent yourself from pollution

In today’s world although we are heading up with a lot of new technical things and other aspects of upgrading things but somewhere or the other we often tend to leak things that have resulted in more than one ways to adversely affect us in such a way that is sometimes devastating. One of the serious ways by which people are getting various problems is the Air pollution; and cities like Mumbai and Delhi are high on pollution. One needs to take a lot of care of their habits and other things.

Air pollution has not just caused problems to many people but has had toll a catastrophic impact on the lives of people. And to keep everyone always full with medical inventories there are websites that are 24*7 giving out medicines to the customers and to get the most out of these you can simply use the Netmeds coupon code that will help you to get the medicines on time and at a lower rate.

[ Air Pollutant Can Up Heart Attack, Stroke Risk ]

So, let’s just skip all the talks and jump onto the most important thing which is the ways to prevent you from this pollution.So, here are some ways as well as food items that you should take for this:

  • Checking is always a necessary point

First things first and this is a very important aspect of safeguarding yourself from pollution. You need to regularly keep checking the air pollution of your place and the surrounding. And one more thing, staying put in your house does not mean that you will be completely safe. With air the pollution enters your house as well. Now you should be an active person when it comes to watching the pollution forecast and trust me this will give you a heads up in the future that will help you save yourself. You can download various applications from the app store of your mobile and get in touch with experts to get the inputs.

  • Eat a lot of Avocado or spinach rich meals

One way to prevent yourself is by protecting yourself externally and the other is obviously all the ways to help you protect yourself internally. And one way to do is having a good diet rich in Vitamin E. And this is said so because according to researches it is seen that people suffering from Vitamin E are more prone to getting lung problems such as Asthma. So consuming food items that are rich in Vitamin E help you evade from this problem. And this is also seen that air pollution has directly affected many people which lead in reducing the Vitamin E content and this exposed them to lung problems.

  • Use the best house hold cleaners regularly to keep your home clean

Now as I told you earlier, your house is also not a place that will keep you completely safe in this regards. For such a thing you can always use better cleaners. Now people use many disinfectant and chemicals in their house. Now let me tell you, this is very much injurious for your health. You need to be very careful and intelligent in choosing the cleaner for your house. Sometimes if you use too high reactive disinfectant it might cause problems as the smoke that comes out of it will irritate your nose and pose problems. They are too harsh to be used in your house. So, regular using them can cause chronicle diseases as well as Asthma. You buy many cleaners at various websites such as IHO and use the IHO coupons to get better discounts.

  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids are also very helpful

Now if you are increasing the Vitamin E content in your food then mark my words, it is not sufficient to do this. You will always need to have another constituent for your better health and that is the Omega 3 fatty acids. So, it is very much asked to in-take Flaxseeds because these seeds are high in anti- oxidants and they can very much reduce the breathing problems and cure the Asthma issues to a very high extend.

  • Reduce it by pooling the conveyance

Air pollution is something that can be controlled by using the pooling options. What exactly you can do is get the car pool or bike pool system into your existing surrounding. If 5 people are going to the nearby places the one who is going the farthest can bring and pool the car. This will reduce the pollution as the number of vehicles on the road will be lesser.

So, if you are in a place which is high on pollution, there is always a way to bring the better one in front. Therefore follow these 5 simple things to get the most out of it as a remedy of preventing the problems.

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