8 Reasons Why You Should Get a Massage Monthly

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Getting a massage from a professional massage therapist can be beneficial for you in many ways. Even if your schedule is usually busy, you can likely still find time to get at least one massage a month if you’re looking for a way to treat yourself. Here are eight reasons to get a massage monthly.

1. A Great Way to Relax

Massage therapy can offer you a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. The effleurage, petrissage, and other massage strokes that massage therapists use commonly while working can help the muscles relax on a deeper level. The oil or lotion that the massage therapist can use on your skin may provide an even more relaxing treatment that helps put your body at greater ease.

2. Muscle Strain Treatment

If you’ve strained any muscles from working out or performing household tasks, massage therapy can offer you relief. Excessive muscle tension can also cause the muscles to feel strained, and the massage therapist can work to break up the bands of tension that are causing your discomfort by using targeted massage techniques. If you’ve pulled any muscles in your back, legs, or other parts of your body, professional massage treatment may help speed up the healing process.

3. Enhanced Breathing

You may find yourself breathing shallowly without you realizing it. This shallow breathing can cause your body to feel more stressed and tense, and massage therapy can help encourage deeper breathing. When you receive a full-body massage in Denver, for example, the massage therapist may encourage you to take some deep breaths to put your body into a better state. You’ll also likely find yourself breathing deeper and slower naturally as your body relaxes more during your therapeutic bodywork session.

4. Improved Blood Circulation

Massage therapy can elicit better blood flow throughout your body. This can be especially good if you experience poor circulation regularly. As Medicinenet.com explains, the positive effects that massage therapy can have on blood flow may last more than 72 hours after treatment. Swedish and deep tissue massage are known to be particularly beneficial for improving blood flow, and you could also experience great results through manual lymphatic drainage techniques that your massage therapist may know how to use.

5. Skin Condition Treatment

One of the most surprising facts about massage therapy is that it can also be good for your skin. If you suffer from dry, flaky skin regularly, the oil or lotion that the massage therapist uses can give your skin extra hydration that helps combat excessive dryness. Skin inflammation may be further reduced from the oil or lotion that’s used during your bodywork session. The appearance of scars may also be minimized from massage techniques that help break up scar tissue and align scars more evenly on the skin’s surface.

6. Can Help Improve Sleep

Massage therapy offers a safe and natural way to treat insomnia. The more relaxed state that massage treatment can put your body into will help you get a better night of sleep after your session. The enhanced breathing and improved blood flow that you’ll likely experience from your massage session can promote better sleep even more.

7. Good for Mental Health

The effects of stress, anxiety, and other mental health problems can be alleviated through the art of massage. Massage therapy offers one of the best ways to escape from the hardships of daily life for a while, and this can put your mind into a better state. The calming effects of massage can allow your mind to shift its focus from stressful situations to peaceful, pleasant thoughts.

8. A Stronger Human Connection

Stronger human connections are often fostered through the sensation of touch, and feeling the hands of another person on your body as you journey into a better physical and mental state can be highly beneficial. Getting a massage from a reputable professional can help you form a deeper sense of trust in people and may be good for overcoming certain barriers that stand in your way of bonding with others.

Massage therapy can enhance your life experience in more ways than you’ve likely imagined. Scheduling to receive a therapeutic massage at least once a month from a trusted massage therapist can make a big difference in how you feel and think about the world.

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