Amazing Yoga Benefits to keep you in good health

The Indian art of yoga in the modern world has expanded to every corner of the sphere. Although most of the time yoga is associated with meditation, it still goes beyond the horizons of mindfulness.

In ancient India male and female practitioners known as yogis and yoginis respectively practiced and taught the philosophy of yoga. Over the centuries, yogis have passed this philosophy to their students. This has led to the establishment of many different schools of yoga across the country.

The philosophy of Yoga

Yoga has often used the imagery of natural resources like water, trees and greeneries to convey a spiritual message. Each division of yoga constitutes a different set of traits.

The six division of yoga are as follows:

  1. Hatha Yoga– Aimed to prime the mind and body; this is a mental and physical branch of yoga philosophy.
  • Raja Yoga– The branch deals with a far more stern series of disciplinary measures. These measures are known as the eight limbs of yoga. This branch primarily includes meditation.
  • Karma Yoga– This focuses on a course of action or service that has objectives of creating a future free from intolerance and negativity.
  • Bhakti Yoga– This aims to develop a way to create a positive mindset where acceptance and selflessness will only be cultivated.
  • Jnana Yoga– This division of yoga is all about wisdom. It aims to foster intellectual capabilities through intensive study.
  • Tantra Yoga– This branch is aimed at creating a pathway of ceremony, ritual, and consummation of the marriage.

Amazing health benefits of yoga

  • Builds muscular strength-Along with adding glamour to your physique, strong muscles deliver a plethora of benefits. A strong muscular system protects you from back pain and arthritis. 
  • Flexibility One of the crucial benefits of yoga is improved flexibility. Flexibility in muscles will eradicate any possibility of poor posture or inflexibility in connective tissue like ligaments and fascia. Once you start gaining adequate flexibility, you will notice that pains and aches are starting to disappear.
  • Prevents joint and cartilage breakdown– Practicing yoga on a regular basis takes your joints through a full range of motion. The squeezing and soaking involved in the process eliminate degenerative arthritis. Certain asanas put special emphasis on the cartilage and joints. This causes the joints and cartilages to avoid breakdown.
  • Increases blood flow– The relaxation exercises in yoga are highly beneficial for the circulation of blood flow. Yoga facilitates more oxygen to your cells as a result of which they function way better. Yoga also aims to boost the levels of red blood cells and hemoglobin that carry the oxygen to the tissues.
  • Boosts immunity– Yoga increases the drainage of lymph. The contraction and stretching of muscles adds to the lymphatic system. This lymphatic system is instrumental in destroying the cancer cells as well as dispose of the toxic waste products.
  • Drops blood pressure– The savasana has been credited to be highly beneficial for reducing the rate of blood pressure. Practicing savasana regularly can work wonders in dropping the blood pressure levels.

Yoga has been proven to be highly beneficial for life. It is not some kind of exercise but a discipline and a way to live your life.  The perks of yoga have been associated with eliminating depression and increasing satisfaction.


Yogi vishnu is a indian yogi he has begun his yogi journey since childhood he holds yogic degree from India also he has completed Yoga Teacher training  and now he teaches online and spreads the essence of yoga worldwide .

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