Are you looking after your Lungs Health Properly?

People are worried about their heart, kidney and liver and very few people pay attention to their lungs. Most of us take it for granted.

We forget the most significant organ that helps us in breathing. They keep us alive and worth caring about.

Our body has a natural defence system to keep our lungs free from pollutants. But, due to increasing pollution and unhealthy lifestyle, it becomes vital to give some attention to our lungs’ health.

What are the major Lung Problems?

Here is a list of the most common lung disease that people suffer due to unhygienic and unhealthy lifestyle:

1.      Asthma– In this condition, the trachea gets inflamed, causing breathing shortness and wheezing. It is triggered by allergens like pollutants, dirt, etc.

2.      COPD– In this condition, the person is unable to exhale properly, that causes difficulty in breathing.

3.      Chronic Bronchitis– It is an acute case of COPD, leading to cough and chronic pain in the chest.

4.      Emphysema– It is caused due to smoking. The lungs get damaged and lead to COPD. Exhalation becomes painful.

5.      Cystic Fibrosis– In this condition, the mucus layer of Bronchi gets eroded and the accumulated mucus, inside the lungs, causes lungs infection.

Foods that boost lungs health

If you care for your loved ones, then it is necessary to keep them healthy. You can switch to a healthy diet plan to keep yourself and your family away from lungs problems. These food items will help to boost lungs immunity:

1)      Fatty acid– Fish that are high in fat are an excellent source of omega-3 oil that keeps your lungs healthy.

2)       Apples– Studies suggest that vitamins C, E, beta-carotene, citrus fruits and especially Apple can help your lungs to stay healthy.

For a speedy recovery, you can also consume weed under the medical consultancy. It has shown incredible benefits. For personal use production license health Canada, you can fill the acmpr form to grow it at home.

3)      Broccoli– It is rich in antioxidants and has NRF 2 characteristics. It helps people with chronic pulmonary disorder. It is assumed to be the best vegetable for keeping your lungs healthy.

4)      Walnuts– It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Eating one handful of walnuts daily helps to fight asthma and other lung diseases. It is for vegetarians who can’t eat fish for omega-3 oils.

What kind of Lifestyle is ideal for Healthy lungs? 

Following a healthy lifestyle is the key to keeping your lungs healthy. Here is a list of a few habits that you should inculcate to boost your lungs health.

1)      Quit Smoking– It is one of the major causes of Lung Cancer and COPD. It leads to chronic pain in later stages.

2)      Avoid Pollution– Try to avoid working or living in places which are excessively polluted. Keep your surroundings pollution-free. Avoid going outside during bad airs. Wear a mask if necessary.

3)      Prevent infection– Avoid going out in crows during cold and flu season. Have influenza vaccination every year. Maintain oral health to prevent intoxication.

4)      Regular check-ups– Once a month, you can visit a doctor to make sure your lungs are healthy. You can take a vaccine for pneumonia, under doctor’s supervision.

A healthy lifestyle and hygienic culture will surely help you to keep your lungs healthy and young. Involve in physical activities and practice breathing exercise for keeping your lungs healthy.

Author Bio: Alex is fascinated with “understanding” people. It’s actually what drives everything he does. He believes in a thoughtful exploration of how you shape your thoughts, experience of the world. Currently, he is putting his thoughts and experience in front of audiences via his blog CYCHacks.

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