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It is vital to ensure that you follow a proper oral routine to keep your gums and teeth healthy. It is the home to several bacteria and which is why it needs to get cleaned every day. Here are some tips that will help you to ensure better oral health.

Where Does Tooth Decay Come From?

One can find different types of harmful bacteria in the mouth as it keeps on recycling foods or drinks. These bacteria will not only give rise to tooth decay, but it will lead to dental plaque. So, to avoid tooth decay, make sure you are keeping a good distance from sugary foods. Any type of tooth decay or unhealthy oral habits can cause gum disease, which will make your gums bleed and irritate.

How Can I Prevent Tooth Decay?

To ensure that your teeth are not having any plaque or is not facing any tooth decay, you will have to clean it regularly. By brushing your teeth, you will be able to remove the plaque from the surface of your teeth. Always use soft bristles for brushing your teeth twice a day.

While purchasing a brush, always consider the shape and size and see whether it fits within your mouth completely and can cover all the areas. Always purchase toothpaste that comes with antimicrobial properties and has fluoride in it. Flossing is also essential to prevent any gum disease because the brush won’t be able to reach every corner of your teeth.

Proper Brushing and Flossing Techniques

1. Brushing: Brushing must be done correctly to ensure that no food precipitation is remaining. The steps that you will need to follow are written below:

You will have to place the toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees against your gums.

By using short strokes, one will have to brush their teeth forth and back gently.

One will have to brush the outer surface of the teeth as well as the inner and the chewing surface.

Always use the brush tip for cleaning the inside portion of the teeth and always use some up and down gentle strokes.

One will also have to clean their tongue to remove the bacteria and freshen their breath.

2. Flossing: Flossing is equally important, just like brushing your teeth.

You can easily purchase floss of 18 inches and always hold them tightly between the forefingers and thumbs.

You will have to floss your teeth by using some gentle motion.

Whenever the floss is reaching the gums, you will have to make a c shape against your tooth to clean between the tooth and gum.

You will also have to move your floss in the upside and the downward motion to clear the teeth completely.

Make sure you’re holding the floss tightly while using it.

You will have to continuously guide your floss and keep on repeating the method until you are cleaning each of your teeth.

Use Mouth Rinse for Added Protection

To make sure that your mouth is clean, you will have to rinse your mouth properly apart from flossing and daily brushing. You can easily get several mouth rinses with an antimicrobial property that will help in the reduction of plaque activity and bacteria. While purchasing the mouth rinses, make sure it contains fluorides because it will also prevent and reduce the tooth decay.

You can ask the dentist to suggest any product, or you can opt for any commercially available popular mouth rinses. Do not provide it to any children who are younger than 6 years as they have high chances of swallowing it. If you can see a yellowish tint in your teeth, then you can also opt for teeth whitening at home.

Few Additional Tips for Maintaining Healthy Teeth and Gums

1. Get Regular Dental Cleanings: Most of the people fails to go to regular dental cleaning and only end up going there when they are in some pain. So, make sure you are visiting your dentist frequently.

2. Use Fluoride Toothpaste: Always use toothpaste that contains fluoride because it helps in reducing tooth decay and will also prevent it.

3. Supplement (or Replace) Sugary Drinks with Milk, Yogurt, or Water: It is always advised to replace all your sugary drinks with that of yogurt, milk or water because it is harmful to your enamel. Even if you have any sugary drinks, make sure you are using a straw to reduce the contact of the beverages with the teeth.

Make sure you are following all the things that are mentioned above properly to ensure that your gums and teeth are healthy.

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