Best Foods for Fast Detox


Being on any sort of diet is always a challenge, whether you wish to loose 10 or 100 pounds. Special eating regime and specific choice of food require dedication and a well organized plan. The best results are certainly achieved if body was prepared for the upcoming change and detoxification is the best way to do it. Even if you are not on any kind of diet, your body will certainly benefit from detox. To make the process most effective here is a list of best foods for fast detox.

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Being rich in healthy fats, vitamin E, magnesium and potassium makes almonds at the top of the list when it comes to detox food. Regular consumption of as little as 15 almonds a day, according to the study by the National Cancer Institute, means a 40 percent less risk of getting liver cancer. Furthermore, almonds improve flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients through the body, maintaining normal blood pressure and function, all of which are necessary during detoxification process of any kind.

Green vegetables

Yes, the green color is the key feature here. Chlorophyll is a great means for getting rid of heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides, chemicals we are unfortunately surrounded by and regularly exposed to in our every day diets. Therefore, make sure you include broccoli, celery, cabbage, leafy greens, to name just a few, into your regular diet. This will quickly increase the level of oxygen and purify the blood simultaneously.


Practically any tea that is available provides certain detox effects. However, certain types excel. Green tea, such as this Organic Genmaicha Green Tea, for example, is a great source of antioxidants, especially catechins, which are a great stimulant of liver operation. Furthermore, chicory tree is great for speeding up metabolism by improving the production of digestive juices. Lastly, any of the renowned skinny tea mixtures are great for both weight loss and detoxification, two processes that have to work together.

Lemon juice

Known for its great cleansing ability, lemon juice has been used for centuries. It improves digestion, purifies the entire organism and improves the resistance of the entire organism with high content of vitamin C. Furthermore, due to proven anticancer activity it works great at protecting cells from outside influence and toxins.


With its powerful antibiotic, antiviral and antiseptic properties, garlic is a great detoxifier. Also, it stimulates liver’s production of detoxification enzymes, an essential thing for a healthy organism. If you, and those around you are bothered by its smell, and you will probably be, taking garlic pills is as effective and completely odorless.



Being a great source of fiber and healthy nutrients, apples help stimulate bile production, a great anti toxin means. One of soluble fibers that exist in apples, pectin, is a great aid for removing heavy metals and food additives. However, it is essential that only organic apples are used since all others a so heavily treated with chemicals that consuming them would do more harm than good.


Just like most other types of vegetables, artichokes improve liver function and detox processes throughout the body. However, what puts artichokes at the top of the list of detox foods and separates it from other vegetables is that it abounds in cynarin, which prevents indigestion and stimulates healthy digestion in return, thus speeding up metabolism and blood flow.

As you can see, the list consists of easily attainable foods and it allows you to make different combinations and add these great detoxifiers to your everyday diet. Do it regularly and the effects will quickly be noticeable.

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