Brain Food for Kids – great foods to stimulate gray matter

Feeding children the right foods to develop their brains is vital and can easily be incorporated into family diets. This article gives some food for thought!


Some foods are great for brain development in children and can play a positive role in their cognitive ability and focus during education. This article outlines some brain food ideas that will help children’s brain development and enjoy it at the same time! 

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Natural yogurt 

Natural yogurts are a great way of getting good fats and protein into children. Not only do kids love Greek yogurt as it is, but it can also be packed with cereals and berries to add even more brain food as a bonus.


One of the most versatile foods is eggs which are also a great source of protein to aid kids’ concentration and cognitive ability. Shallow fried eggs on toast, some scrambled eggs with salmon, or the old favorite boiled egg chopped in a salad are absolute staples in a well-planned brain food diet. 

Fruit and nuts

Seeds, nuts, and berries are like vitamins, only much more natural. As well as being tasty on their own, they are also an easy extra to put in kids’ meals and snacks. Homemade pesto sauces, salads, and bread with olive oil are great companions to various nuts and sesame seeds packed full of protein, minerals, and fatty acids that make little brains tick. Pumpkin seeds are a delicious and different option to try. 


Another ‘superfood’ many types of vitamin D are rich in brain foods for kids. Tuna and sardines are perfect options for lunchtime, while grilled salmon makes for a rich and creamy dinner. Serve with an omega-3 rich vegetable such as brussels sprouts or raw broccoli for an added brain boost. 


Another all-around superfood, avocados, are fatty-based accompaniments to sandwiches and salads. High in omega-3 fatty acids, avocados are popular with kids for their unique taste and texture. 


Some fruits such as plums and apples are rich in antioxidants and are also good for brain stimulation. They are especially suited as healthy afternoon snacks as they can provide a nice lift in place of sweets or chocolate. They are also perfect for lunch cartons or snacks out and about. Blueberries also provide a tasty addition to ice cream or frozen yogurt and are rich in brain food. 

As well as the foods we have suggested, you can also enrich vegetables and cereals with brain foods. A handful of oatmeal in morning cereal and some sunflower seeds in vegetables are perfect ways to boost brain food without even making an extra meal or snack out of them. Similarly, adding turmeric to a curry or sauce adds some exotic flavor and brain stimulation at the same time. 

Whether served as a healthy snack or as an extra with the main meal, brain foods are vital for children’s mental development and cognitive recall function. 

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