China adopts mental health law to curb forced treatment

China make a law to protect the first time right of the mentally ill after years of accusations. It is used to lock up people against their will and silence dissidents. The law standardizes mental health care services and requires general hospitals to set up special outpatient clinics or provide counseling. Debates has been made for many years to address an imbalance in Chinese society that lack of mental health care service on the country.
china mental health
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Psychiatrists helped government to improve the legislation of the mental health. Using new law, it will protect the rights of mental patients. This has been made after media and activist show of many cases of mental people in the hospital that don’t get proper treatment. Many patient has been locked at local mental hospital without any proper treatment. The law states that mental health treatment and examinations must be conducted on a voluntary basis unless the patient is make unnecessary moves and danger for himself and society.
Psychiatrists have authority to commit patient to get treatment at hospital and the patient must be diagnosed with a severe mental illness. The law is good but there’s a question how the law will be enforced and whether the fund is sufficient enough.

Source :- CBSNews

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