Concerns and questions related to labor delivery

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A woman can become pregnant only during a certain duration of her monthly cycle. This duration can be calculate with help of ovulation day calculator.

Pregnancy is usually one of the most special and happiest moments in the life of a woman and her family. However, it is also a complicated stage on an emotional level, fears and doubts begin to appear about the ability to raise the baby, to know how to do it well or to be a good mother.

 Also, you have to adapt to the physical changes caused by pregnancy, as well as limit certain daily activities that until now you performed without difficulty. Women who are going to be mothers for the first time have fears and fears, and the main reason for this is the ignorance of what is to come. Although the pregnancy has been planned and desired and most of the time you feel happy, the wait sometimes causes stress or anxiety, as well as a thousand and one doubts derived from the changes that the arrival of the new being will cause.

Do the doubts begin?

The first sensation, whether the pregnancy has been sought or not, is uncertainty, followed by happiness and some fear of what lies ahead. The main doubts or fears that assail the woman are, the fear that the child does not come healthy or that there is any complication during childbirth. It is also usual to worry about what will come, about the changes in life and the relationship with the new family member. These are reasonable doubt and that most women usually have at some time during pregnancy.

All these fears and doubts during pregnancy can be magnified or minimized in a short time, and this is because the body undergoes a lot of hormonal changes. It is normal to be very sensitive, cry and be afraid of simple and everyday things that we were not scared of before.

I have insomnia

During pregnancy the sleep needs increase, mainly in the first weeks of pregnancy, due to the increase in progesterone that causes an irresistible desire to sleep, but some pregnant women suffer from sleepless nights from the beginning, not only due to the need to urinate several sometimes during the night but because they have strange nightmares and dreams. Waiting for a baby causes some stress and anxiety and can cause the mother to alter the rest. It is convenient to discuss fears with the couple, family members, friends and of course, with medical professionals.

Have sex

There is no scientific basis to affirm that sex can cause pregnancy loss. Normal sexual activity can be maintained from the beginning of pregnancy until the woman goes into labor.Only in certain cases, when the pregnancy does not evolve normally, the gynecologist will recommend sexual abstinence in pregnancy. As in the case of threat of abortion, the threat of premature delivery or incompetent cervix.

Caffeine consumption

There is no evidence that moderate caffeine consumption (2 or 3 cups a day) is related to the possibility of having abortions or malformations in the baby. However, during pregnancy, digestive discomfort (heartburn, heaviness, nausea) are common, especially during the first three months, due to hormonal changes, and also during the last two or three months, such as a consequence of the pressure exerted by the baby on the stomach. Caffeine increases the secretion of hydrochloric acid and pepsin in the stomach, and that is why coffee and other drinks that contain caffeine are not recommended during pregnancy, given the case of digestive discomfort.


The moment of pregnancy itself is very stressful for some women. For what it means in your personal, family and work life. You can experience feelings of happiness and sadness, all at the same time. But if the stress level is very high, uterine contractions may appear earlier than expected, have a threat of premature delivery and even a low weight baby, so it is advisable to learn to detect it and change certain behaviors.

Will I recover my figure again?

During pregnancy, your body prepares for what will come next, the birth of a baby, so that your hips are gradually widening and fat storage is part of that process that is prepared for the time of delivery. The fear during pregnancy that the body changes and does not return to its previous form.

Breast augmentation

The breasts also change with pregnancy, the areolas and the nipples darken, bluish veins are visualized and they grow several sizes more than usual, once you have the baby and ends with breastfeeding, these changes disappear gradually until just leave a trace. You may continue with a larger size than you had before. Wearing a good bra during pregnancy, and applying anti-stretch creams will help keep them well cared for.

I’m afraid of the pain of childbirth

The fear of childbirth and pain is common, we all manage to endure the pain, think of women who have several children if they can repeat it can not be so bad. The woman’s body is perfectly capable of having a child without problems. Letting yourself be pampered by yours will always help you at that moment.

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