Dishwashing made easy

When it comes to doing the dishes many of us give excuses to not do it. Sooner or later it has to be done or the sink may be filled with plates and pans.
Here are a few simple tips to lessen the drudgery.

1) Eliminate odours
-Although dishes can look shiny with no grease left after a wash, they can sometimes still have an odour, giving you a feel of incomplete cleaning.

2) Stack away from the sink
– Most of the time dishes are just thrown into the sink to be washed. Tell your family to stack dirty dishes in a plastic bin or basin near the sink. This way your sink is always clean and not clogged up by piles of dirty dishes.

3) Order in a pile
– Sorting through your pile of dirty dishes can drive you insane. Wash your dishes in this order : Glassware, dinner plates, serving utensils, cultlery and greasy serving dishes and leave the pots and pans for last. This ensures your water stays clean longer.

4) Not the grease we like
– Pots and pans are usually the most greasy items to be washed. You stand there just scrubbing and pouring insane amounts of dishwashing detergent. Since pots and pans are the last to be washed, soak them while you get started on the rest of the dishes. Soaking them in hot water will make stubborn food particles easier to remove.

5) Easy dish racks
– Washed dishes are placed in a drying rack which collects water at the bottom. To catch drips, place a baking sheet under your drying rack. It resists mildew better than a rubber tray or dish towel.


6) Hot or cold water
– In the case of anything with gravy or dairy, avoid hot water. Use cold water to clean them off. Bottles are easier to clean if you let them soak in detergent water overnight and then scrub them with a narrow nylon brushl. Hot water cuts through grease best and cold water does the work for gravy or dairy.

7) The bowl tick
– Most of time, too much detergent is used during dishwashing. To minimise, use a soap bowl : Squirt a tablespoon of detergent into a shallow bowl and add a cup of water. When you need more soap while washing, just dip your sponge into the bowl.

8) Limit your dirty dishes
– Assign everyone in the family a glass,plate and cutlery of their own. That way you can stick to a limited number of dishes to clean.

9) Make others help
– Household chores do not have to be your responsibility alone. Make the kids help.


Source- Life & Times Health – News Straits Times

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