Green Coffee Benefits And Side Effects

Green coffee is nothing other than the coffee seeds used to concoct regular coffee from a particular Coffea species of plants. The difference between green coffee beans and the regular coffee beans is that the ingredient is raw and uncooked. It also taste very different from the regular strong cappuccino since it only has a mild tang of coffee for the hot beverage is just meant to be a health drink.

The process of roasting coffee beans dissolves the traces of chlorogenic acids, hence it is found plentiful in green coffee beans. Whole green coffee beans can be availed online and used to prepare a nice herbal tea with antioxidants. It contains chlorogenic acids that are filled with anti-inflammatory properties needed to provide robust health.

But is just all hyped? Or is it really good for health? Here are a few benefits and side effects according to recent information published by Healthline.

Health Benefits

The extract is sold as a weight loss supplement, which was first popularized by talk-show host Dr Oz. It was touted by him as a miracle supplement that aids weight loss. Though many dieticians and clinicians have opposed this viewpoint, it has not deterred people from purchasing the green coffee extract from the market.

However, more longitudinal studies are needed to conclude that green coffee bean extract is an effective weight loss supplement. So far, the studies have been inconsistent. Weight loss by consuming green coffee was based on small groups and cohorts within short durations of time on human beings. A few studies based on mice treated with green coffee extracts had proven to reduce considerable bodyweight.

Chlorogenic acid also reduces the risk of a host of chronic diseases. An eight-week study with 50 people who were fed the coffee bean extract twice a day showed a reduction in blood pressure and blood sugar in comparison to the control group. However, more detailed and larger studies are needed to investigate this further.

Side Effects

Surprisingly, green coffee contains more caffeine than regular coffee because it is not roasted. A small quantity of caffeine is depleted during the process of roasting coffee beans, hence they have comparatively lesser caffeine. As it is, caffeine is not healthy since it causes an increase in blood sugar, adds weight, increased heart rate, nausea and disturbs sleep patterns.

Consume green coffee in moderation because 8 ounces contains 100 mg of caffeine. A study on mice showed that bone density may also fall since calcium depleted from the bone tissues of mice who were fed the green coffee extract for two months.

Source :-MSN

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