How to Boost Your Sex Drive: 10 Natural Methods for Males and Females

Behind each successful and romantic relationship is a wonderful coitus moment of every couple, as we live in the belief that intercourse is where we share the tender love and affection we have for our loved ones. Lovemaking is generally referred to as a part of a healthy relationship between two married persons. It is where we got to feel that excitement for an extraordinary heat and butterflies rising on our bodies. Also, scientifically justified as our way of making our own family and sharing romance with our partner.

However, as time goes by, a person’s performance and instinctive behavior during copulation declines that is possibly caused a lot of factors, which can hurt their marriage and family. Aside from aging, loss of libido can also be caused by stress, sleep apnea, consciousness, lack of trust, respect and of course love. 

When compared, the sexual desire of females is said to be greater than that of males according to a study from JAMA Internal Medicine, as they consider sex as an important part of a relationship. On the other hand, as per the fact that frequent sex has a lot of benefits physically and emotionally; a low sexual desire in marriage can adversely affect a person’s emotions, commitment, and health.

Spread the love and strengthen your devotion for your partner with these ten natural methods to uplift sex drive for both male and female:

Eat Healthily

With a proper and nutritious diet, it would be much easier to eliminate foods that can lessen a person’s sex drive. This practice is also beneficial for all at any mater as it promotes better blood circulation and heart health.

Complications such as cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and polycystic ovarian syndrome are only a few of the possible health problems that can affect ones’ level of hormones, which can consequently perturb libido activeness.

Keep your Body in Shape

A shaky knee might not last for a good coitus performance, that is why next to healthy food intake is a regular exercise to keep your body in shape and ready for any tiring circumstances and furious battles ahead.

While having intercourse there’s a lot of muscles in motion which tend to challenge our body’s endurance and power to perform. Aside from other health benefits, any person can go through any tough and draining activities with a healthy routine like daily exercise.


Better mating experience can increase a person’s longing for concupiscence, thus boosts their sexual urge. Explore more about lovemaking by experiencing greater adventure alone with intimate products, personal pleasure toy or blow-up dolls. Also, focusing on how you reach foreplay level while performing it with adult toys can help you while performing with your partner.

Improve Your Self-Esteem

Poor impression on your own body can affect your way of expressing yourself erotically. The anxiety of thinking how bad you look like while having intercourse can affect your performance and focus on gaining sex drive.

Instead of feeling the enjoyment, this kind of complication disrupts two performing people’s libido increase as they tend to think negative and feel stressed on how they could make their bodies look alluring and delectable for their partner. The fear of dissatisfaction and frustration can hardly cause the loss of sex drive, that is why it is important to love yourself before you can share the love with your partners.

Avoid Getting Stressed Out

With all the hard works and house chores you’ll need to do to keep your house and family in a better place, married life is undeniably stressing. However, behind every long day, there’s always rest and holidays. Though it seems hard to achieve, still, finding some time to rest and share some love with your wife or husband is a must, as they also deserve to feel some love and affection from you.

Furthermore, over fatigue can stop any person from obtaining sex drive, as the feeling of tiredness can lead to mood swings and the desire of sleeping instead of sharing love and intimacy with their partner.

Have Time for Your Loved Ones

Office works are done within working hours, not on holidays or even rest days. A small-time to spend with your loved ones is very important and beneficial in building a stronger relationship. It can also improve the closeness and fondness between the two of you.

This can help in keeping the excitement in every intercourse present, because love is one key factor in boosting lust in your body. It releases the feeling of cravenness in obtaining the heat from each other’s body out of the tender kisses and mild touches while in the process of lovemaking.

Have Only a Bit of Alcohol Before the Big Night

We all know that alcohol has something to do in improving sex desire for any person, but take into account that too much alcohol can also negatively affect a person’s sex drive. Abusive alcohol intake can badly affect erectile function and hinder orgasm while having intercourse. However, on the other hand, drinking right amount of alcohol particularly one glass of wine can help in uplifting one’s interest in getting intimate with their partners.  

Go for A Romantic Date Alone

Quality time alone with your loved ones can also contribute to a more affectionate relationship.

The charisma of enjoying each other’s company solely with no ruptures in a romantic night out also arises the feeling of lust and the feeling hanker in pleasure.  Aside from the sweetness overload is the indulging moment with no disturbance and interruption from a romantic date alone can help in developing attraction between two persons.

Forget About Tobacco

Since chain-smoking is very well known for providing cardiovascular complications it can also terribly impact your endurance and performance while having intercourse. Poor health can adversely strike a person’s sex drive.

On the other hand, persons who decide to quit smoking find themselves more active in any particular activity and discover a remarkable increase in sex drive.

Consult to A Sex Therapist

If you want to learn more with assurance, consulting with a testosterone therapy doctor regarding your concern can be very beneficial, as they can provide the right and suitable advice you might need to know. Aside from the assistance in distinguishing the underlying issues, they can also provide alternative supplements that can help you with these particular matters if natural remedies don’t work. Males can also try treatments like these P-shots in Naples, FL.

Conclusion: True and passionate love really demands time and attention. A strong and long-term relationship only happens for those who work on fulfilling each other’s need whether physically or mentally. So to achieve betterment and strengthen your marriage, educate yourself about the heart of any possible matter and how you can solve it together.

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Norman Levitt is a writer by discipline for 15 years now. He contributes most of his writings on different medical magazines and websites like EHormones MD. He is also a professor in Physiology.

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