How to Safely Using a Public Toilet

You do not need too afraid to use the toilet because there are several ways to protect yourself from germs in public toilets, among others:

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The goods that you carry like a purse, wallet or other items should not be placed on the floor of the toilet.
Before using the toilet, flush used to remove urine and other filth into battery housing.
If using a toilet seat, wipe the toilet seat by using a tissue.
Coat the toilet seat with toilet seat upholstery if any, or use a tissue as upholstery.
Do not sit on the toilet seat if it looks wet or dirty. The position that can be done is to sit down float position without touching the toilet. You can rely on a wall or door while doing so.
Whenever possible, avoid to touch the objects that exist in the toilet. You can use a tissue when pressed flush the toilet or opening the door.
Flush the toilet lid before pressing using a tissue. In the open state, the germs in the toilet can jump out and about or enter the body. If there is no cover, away from the toilet during a flush.
Finished using the toilet, do not forget to wash your hands with soap. Wash your hands the right way for 20-30 seconds, which includes rubbing the palms, back of hands, between fingers and the area under the nail. If available, use hot water is more effective at killing germs.
Dry hands with paper towels after washing hands.
If you bring alcohol hand wash liquid which is used without a rinse, can be used after washing hands and left the toilet.
Another important thing is to avoid the disease by keeping the body healthy condition so that the germs will not interfere with your health. Using public toilets are not to be feared if you know how to safely use it.

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