Infographic : Factors Affecting Your Settlement Value in A Pesonal Injury Case

While most people are careful drivers, statistics show that you’re likely to get into an accident during your driving experience. The average number of car accidents that happen in the United States every year is 6 million where 2 million experience permanent injuries while more than 90 people die in these accidents on a daily basis.

Car accidents can impact its victims’ lives in so many ways. This unplanned event can cause a lot of turmoil in your life. When you’re unprepared from the accidents, it can affect several areas of your life. Besides the feeling of stress from the recovery, the mounting medical costs of the injuries and lost wages could drain you and your family’s resources.

While the consequences of a car accident are irreversible, victims should receive compensation to take account of the pain and suffering as well as their future expenses.  However, settling on the value can be difficult. The settlement needs both sides to carefully and candidly analyze their respective claims and defenses.

No one may like to think of a possibility of a car crash, it’s time to learn about the factors that are likely to influence the amount offered. That’s why, in this infographic by the Brown Firm, we take a look at the factors that affect the expected value of the case.

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