Do Invisalign fix overbites?

What is Overbites?

An overbite is when the upper front teeth come in front of the lower front teeth when the jaw is closed. Overbites can happen from sucking one’s thumb during childhood or due to improper teeth growth while growing up. Other reasons, like teeth grinding or genetics, are also common reasons for Overbite.

The most familiar reason is having an accident or a deficient jaw size, which could mean having either too much or very little space for the teeth. In addition to this, failing to repair lost teeth can also contribute to overbite development. The method for measuring Overbite is to assess the area the upper ones cover your teeth. If this measure exceeds 25%, it is considered as an overbite.

How to fix Overbites?

Using Invisalign to overcome overbites

Overbite is a common problem amongst children, adolescents, and even adults. While it is true that this can be nest corrected during childhood as the jaws are still developing then, treating an overbite as an adult is still very much possible. Invisalign are great options to treat overbites for both adults and children.

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Fixing an overbite with Invisalign correction is relatively painless, comfortable, and manageable. It is essential to understand the principal cause of Overbite to recommend the best Invisalign treatment for adults. Invisalign might not be the ideal treatment for every orthodontic problem.

Can Invisalign fix Overbites?

Invisalign aligners  often misinterpreted to be less competitive as compared to metal braces. But in reality, Invisalign can fix overbites and work similarly to the metal braces. If an individual is eligible for Invisalign, they are custom-made plastic aligners to fit in the mouth. These aligners help straighten and reposition the teeth without restricting or changing diet and lifestyle habits. The aligners must be worn for almost 22 hours per day to ensure success. The standards behind Invisalign are equivalent.

However, the objectives are cultivated substantially more subtly. Regular visits to your dental specialist will permit you to follow teeth’ development, guaranteeing that the Overbite gets leveled out. The time needed for a full treatment cycle will rely totally upon the Overbite’s seriousness and every tooth’s particular beginning situation. Not with standing, since the treatment is indistinguishable, the process can feel like it’s passing by significantly more rapidly.

Is Invisalign the best Orthodontic Treatment to fix Overbite?

The answer is entirely subject to every individual patient. As talked about above, there are two primary kinds of overbites. A dental overbite happens because of the teeth’ misalignment, though a skeletal overbite is because of the jaw’s bone structure. Invisalign clear aligners are virtually invisible and have all the advantages of traditional braces without the look of metal brackets and wires

  • Effective gradual teeth movement with less pain
  • Freedom to easily remove your Invisalign aligners
  • Fewer doctor visits than traditional braces
  • Better oral hygiene as it is easier to remove the aligners and clean teeth and gums
  • Simultaneous starting of treatment for both arches in in-depth bite cases.

Pros and Cons of Using Invisalign for Overbites


  • Less irritation from the metal parts of traditional braces
  • Don’t have to deal with the appearance of traditional braces
  • Easier to keep up with dental hygiene
  • No food or dietary restrictions
  • Fewer and shorter appointments to the orthodontist
  • Increased Comfort and minimal maintenance


  • People with skeletal Overbite case cannot used invisalign. I
  • Invisalign aligners need to removed before eating or drinking
  • Expensive as compared to traditional braces
  • Required to Wear for long hours, i.e., upto 22 Hours Per Day

In conclusion, Invisalign is an excellent option for overbites that result from protruding teeth. While it is subjective as to how long Invisalign takes to treat an overbite. Invisalign results in straighter, beautiful, and healthier teeth. They are useful and a comparatively effortless solution to treat overbites. The fit of your aligners is according to the jaw’s size, and thus they fit perfectly. Invisalign can correct most bite issues like underbites, overbites, crossbites, and open bites.

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