Is it possible to fracture your penis?

Do you feel pain in your penis? Always masturbate and scare if it could effect your penis? Let’s read this article :

From the average size of the manhood, its firmness, the frequency of erection to penis-enlargement exercises, there is no denying that men have a lot of questions when it comes to their penis. One such question is can the penis really be fractured, given there are no bones in there? Sadly, this urban legend appears to be true and we tell you the possible reasons.

First things first, even though penile fracture is a very rare condition, it is still possible. The broken penis syndrome is medically known as a penile fracture. Even though there are no bones in the penis, it is still a very painful condition.

Usually, a penile fracture occurs when the man hits the partners tailbone during penetration or when there is any kind of trauma to an erect penis. So, men may suffer from a penile fracture if the experiment in the bed goes south. Sometimes aggressive masturbation may also lead to a severe injury to the penis.

When there is a tear in the dense layer of tissues (Tunica albuginea) surrounding the spongy tissue of the penis (corpora cavernosa), it leads to a pop-like sound, severe pain and an immediate loss of erection.

If you feel intense pain in your penis during the intercourse and hear a popping or cracking sound, you may have a penile fracture. You may also witness a loss of erection and dark bruises around the penis. A ‘broken penis’ requires immediate medical attention because a delay in treatment may lead to permanent damage to your manhood and an inability to achieve an erection.

Yes, you need to rush to the nearest hospital to get an X-Ray of the penis and seek medical treatment. If the penile fracture is confirmed, you may need surgery to close the tear. You will be required to rest for at least a month following surgery and asked to not engage in sexual activities till the time the wound heals.

While the consequences of the surgery are quite minimal–with most men recovering completely–a delay in the treatment may lead to erectile dysfunction symptoms

Source :- TimesofIndia

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