Is Lack of Sleep Messing With Your Memory? Not Getting Enough Sleep Can Have The Same Effects on Your Body as Being Intoxicated

Is your lack of sleep messing with your memory? Mattress Online have created the ultimate test. With the recommended 7-9 hours sleep a night being nothing but a distant memory for most of us, is our lack of sleep really effecting how we perform in everyday tasks?


Sleep loss can impact your handling of day-to-day challenges both at home and in the workplace. Over time, this can lead to more long-lasting health issues, whilst the memory lossthat many take as part and parcel of getting older is now being linked to lack of sleep over a number of years.

Research has shown that not getting enough nightly rest can have the same effect on the body as a blood alcohol level of .08. This is the point at which you’re classed as legally intoxicated. Some of the negative effects lack of sleep can have on your body are:


– Difficulty concentrating leading to imparted performance

– Health problems including diabetes and high blood pressure

– Increased risk of causing accidents or injury to yourself


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