Male dysfunction : How to treat it

Male Dysfunction

I’ve read an article that’s some of 100 million men worldwide is estimated to have problems dysfunction. Male dysfunction is associated as a continuing inability to achieve or maintain erection sufficient to produce a satisfactory sexual activity. It is a widespread problem, but rarely dealt with in men.It is very shameful to talk openly about this disease. Many think ‘manliness’ of men is their prowess in bed. Therefore did not want being mockery of friends, the male dysfunction of people would rather suffer in silence. Worse if they are also reluctant to discuss these issues with a partner or seek medical advice. Some are also concerned that the tests used to diagnose problems dysfunction causes discomfort. In addition men do not know what could be expected if they get treatment, and consequently result in disappointment.

Male Dysfunction

Why does Male Dysfunction occur
1. Dysfunction problems usually occur due to vascular disorders affecting the blood supply to the penis. Blood flow may be disrupted due to hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis), diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol levels in the blood of extraordinary height. Diabetes (diabetes mellitus) is the only major problem that can be associated with dysfunction. It can cause sexual difficulties at any age through the blood circulation disorders and central nervous systems are involved to stimulate erections. Consequently, about half of men will be diagnosed with diabetes dysfunction problems.
2. Psychological conditions can also cause this problem. The tension of feeling, workload, fatigue, marital disharmony that can lead men to face the problem of disability. In fact, these problems are common medical problems and men never face it alone . But, without prompt treatment, it can cause many emotional problems which in turn affects self-image, loss of confidence, the tension of mind and conjugal relations problem.

3. Health problems that can cause dysfunction is neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, alzemir disease (stroke) and trauma due to a pelvic or spinal injury. Surgical especially terafi radiation and prostate disease can also affect the function of sexual energy as some drugs dipriskripsi to treat diseases like high blood pressure, feelings of tension, heart disease, gastric ulcers and cancer,

ED treatment
1. Using mechanical devices (eg vacuum pump and a buried penis protesis), surgery to correct the problem pengalitan, do their own injections on the advice of medical experts and ordinary. Lika possible physical causes of dysfunction is not the cause, counseling and psychotherapy may help alleviate the problem. Typically, for a man who experienced physical and psychological effect, combined with counseling and other treatment required.


2. There are also some medications that can strengthen the so-called sexual energy. But be careful because the effectiveness of these drugs has not been proved.

5 Natural Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

If you experience this problems came to see a doctor. Do not shy because it is important to you and your spouse.

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