Organising Your Life

Organised people are not born like that, so unless your parent instilled good habits since you were a toddler chances are your life is a bit hectic. This isn’t a big problem if it doesn’t affect your life but if it’s causing you stress it’s definitely time to change something. You shouldn’t expect to change your lifestyle in a month because you’re changing your habits too, so you’ll need to be tenacious and force yourself to change your bad habits.




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Write Things Down

As silly as it may seem writing things down is an effective way to put your memory on an external hard drive (so to speak). If you try to memorise things it will most likely fail since your brain isn’t used to it. You could use different things such as smart phone or write everything down in a note book, as for your job you should keep this separate and use a promotional compendium to keep track of everything.


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Time to Clean House

Your environment must change as well; clutter and missed placed things drive everyone mad and you’ll find it difficult to stay organised. One of the most challenging things is organising your wardrobe. You’ll need to lay every piece of clothing you have and decide what to throw away. Get rid of anything that is small or big, worn out, has holes or is damaged in any way. If you really can’t part with something see if you can get it fixed. Also, anything you haven’t worn in 6 months should be donated to charity. Make sure everything has its own place in your closet. Tackle all your documents and old bills by neatly organising them in boxes and folders.  Any unneeded trinkets that collect dust should be thrown away. And just like your closet make sure everything has its own place throughout your house. You can find an abundance of hacks on how to organise your closet, kitchen and your whole home.




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Planning Matters

Make a list of your goals and keep it in plain sight to remind you not to stay in one place. Another good idea is to plan out your whole week and schedule your obligations. By putting everything on paper you won’t forget anything and will feel more at ease. You should plan your meals so that you could start living a healthier life as well.

Be Wary of Procrastination

Procrastinations is your worst enemy; you start working on a project and suddenly you feel the need to clean, call old friends, check your email or see that movie that has been on your to-do list for  4 months. The trick is to recognise what you’re doing and summon all your willpower to fight it. It will take some getting used to but just like all bad habits you’ll teach yourself to behave differently. Here is where the lists come in handy; making lists with tasks that are both hard and easy will give you the drive to complete them.

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