Where to Rent a Hospital Bed for Home Use


If you have a loved one who is having trouble getting out of bed, an electric hospital bed might be a good option for them. They are basically the same beds you would see in a hospital, except they are specially designed for use at home. If the patient has trouble getting out of bed, they can simply adjust it to an upright position to make it that much easier. Electric beds are also great for people, diabetics especially, who suffer from swelling of the legs or ankles. The bottom of the bed can be adjusted to lift the legs into an elevated position to help the swelling to go down. Home hospital beds are great for people who just had surgery and who can no longer get upstairs to their bedroom. Renting a hospital bed for their recovery will allow them to sleep in a nice bed on the main floor without having to worry about all that moving.

At-home care should allow patients to convalesce in a familiar, comfortable atmosphere. Hospital beds are a key part of any care strategy for patients that need to spend a significant amount of time in bed. No matter whether patients require electric beds or manual ones, hospital bed rental services can be a lifesaver when it comes to helping families care for their ill or injured loved ones. Once the patient is no longer bedridden, they may require the use of crutches, wheelchairs or scooters. Many patients with short-term disabilities may not want to buy this equipment when they only need it for a short amount of time while they heal. In the majority of cases, renting this equipment is far more cost effective than buying it. It is much better to just rent what you need, when you need it, and hope not to need it again.

Vital Mobility Medical Supplies Inc. is a company that rents all kinds of medical supplies to anyone in need, such as those who just had surgery, broke a leg, have problems standing or walking, or need help getting out of bed. They rent out crutches, wheelchairs, scooters, and manual and electric hospital beds that are adjustable using a remote. Patients can get whatever mobility aid suits their needs at the time without having to commit to a purchase. Renting allows patients to use the supplies as long as necessary and return them when they are no longer needed.

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