Smoking in 2018 – Where Are We Now? (Infographic)

Choice between cigarette and e-cigarette

As of 2018 there are one billion smokers in the world. In other words, that’s one in seven people. This figure represents a massive increase in tobacco consumption all over the world. This figure has skyrocketed over the course of a mere few decades, for example in 1980 there were 721 million smokers in the world.

As tobacco consumption increases we are also seeing a global rise in tobacco related health problems and deaths. In fact, the WHO estimates that six million people killed annually as a direct result of tobacco use.

It is not just smokers who are at risk, it is also those who regularly experience second-hand smoke. Study after study has revealed the serious dangers that non-smokers are exposed to when surrounded by second-hand smoke. These include heart disease, lung problems and even premature death … to name just a few.

The guys at Purplebox Vapours have produced a highly informative infographic about the state of tobacco consumption in 2018. It examines current consumption rates and looks at ongoing global efforts to curb smoking. It also provides some interesting information about the affects of smoking on smokers and non-smokers alike. Read the infographic below to discover more.

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