The Benefits of Homeopathic Treatment for Women

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If you’ve been struggling with any health issues that you can’t seem to get control of, such as menopausal discomfort, it may be time to try a gentler approach. Homeopathy is the treatment of health problems with microdoses of natural materials that boost the ability of your body to heal itself.

Homeopathy Takes Time

While you may not feel better immediately, over time, your body will grow in strength and your symptoms will be easier to manage. Homeopathy takes a great deal of self-knowledge. For example, if you struggle with menstrual cramps, part of your homeopathic treatment will include always knowing where you are in your cycle so you can take small doses of natural products preemptively and stop the discomfort before it starts.

Keeping a wellness journal will help a great deal on your path to better health. As you track your health on a daily basis, you may find that you start to see patterns and triggers. If you always have a fight with your spouse about one particular bill or expense, when does it occur? Can you change the due date to avoid paying it when your mood is low due to your cycle? Stress is part of our daily lives, but there are times when it’s much harder to manage our stress levels. Knowing your triggers can make emotional upset easier to monitor and manage.

Emotional as Well as Physical Support

Many women find that cyclical changes impact both their body and their mood. You may become irritable with those around you, and some women find they disconnect completely from their loved ones during menopause. Homeopathic practitioners offer the following suggestions:

  • Sepia, to help you reconnect with those you love
  • Lachesis, for hot flashes and flushing
  • Ignatia, for depression and general sadness

Women have long been subjected to what’s now referred to as “bikini medicine.” This practice included treating women as, firstly, ovaries and breasts, and secondly as people. The female fertility engine is indeed powerful, but it’s not all that you are. If you’ve struggled to find a doctor or practitioner who treats you as a whole person, a homeopathic session can help you feel valued as a full human being.

Protecting Your Muscles and Bones

Homeopathy has long been practiced around the world, and European experts in the field have found a product called Osteocynesine. This product has been shown not only to slow the loss of bone density in older women and men but to improve their bone density over time. Osteocynesine has been particularly effective for women who can’t take high doses of calcium due to kidney or gall stones.

Of course, your overall physical strength and mobility are also key to protecting your bone density. Regular exercise, particularly weight-bearing exercise, getting enough calcium from your diet, and plenty of Vitamin D are critical to long-term bone health.

Work With Your Physician

If you are taking any form of maintenance medication, make sure that you inform your physician of your intention to seek homeopathic treatment online or in person. While homeopathic therapies are natural, it is possible that they can interact with prescription medications you’re currently taking. One of the joys of working with a homeopathic practitioner is that you will be treated as a whole person. Thus, any medications you take, whether synthetic or natural, must be carefully considered as it can impact your overall health.

More Than Vitamins

The supplements provided by a homeopathic professional are more than just vitamins. Your practitioner will carefully examine your body, your history, and your story. If you struggle with any particular health concern or worry about your medical history, bring this to your appointment with your practitioner. Take notes or bring a list so you remember to touch on all of your concerns so you can enjoy proper homeopathic supplementation at the right time to support your health.

Part of the support you may receive from your homeopathic professional is the gift that allows you to see your body as a marvel, and not as a collection of systems that are failing over time. Yes, we humans all have different abilities and capacities over the course of our lives. However, just because you can’t do now what you did ten years ago doesn’t mean your ability to contribute has stopped. Honor your total well-being with an online homeopathic appointment.

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