The Future has Arrived: 5 Online Dental Marketing Strategies for 2019


Marketing a dental practice has never been an easy feat due to the restrictive nature of the business since you’ll only be operating in your local area and the difficulty of getting people interested in what you’ve got to say through your content.

However, now that we’re well and truly into 2019, we can start to take an accurate look at online trends and marketing strategies and then start to adapt them to suit the purpose of advertising and marketing your practice.

Today, we’re going to explore the top five tricks and trends of the online world, detailing exactly how you can effectively boost the marketing efforts of your dental business to drive up your success rates.

#1 – Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

It’s mind-blowing that still in 2019 we have to mention this point, but we still see a ton of businesses not optimizing their websites for mobile devices. With over 50% of all internet traffic taking place through mobile devices, this just goes to show the importance of this point.

Think about when you log onto a website, and it’s not mobile-friendly; what do you do? If you’re like most people, you’ll simply click off and go elsewhere. As a dental practice which should be offering online booking services and information, people clicking off your website means you’re losing leads.

Get optimized.

#2 – Allow Online Booking and Scheduling

Hand in hand with the consideration above, it’s vital that in 2019 you’re allowing patients to book and schedule their appointments online. When people are sitting and having their breakfast before work, many won’t want to call you up to book an appointment.

The chances are the first thing they’ll do is check your website, make an account and book through there, so make sure you’re offering this service. This can also be extremely beneficial because you can advertise a newsletter for signing up which can help you collect customer data.

#3 – Collect Customer Data to Optimize Marketing

Do you know who your target audience is? What generation and age range are you catering for, what gender, what location, what income range, and what main services are being used? Without knowing this information,

you’ll not go to be able to optimize your marketing efforts.

This can get confusing, so it can be worth researching a professional company or marketing agency to help you find the dental marketing strategy you need to succeed.

#4 – Implement Original Photos and Video Content

A few years ago, you head onto most dental websites, and you’ll see the same old boring stock photography that many other websites use, and now, in 2019, people are bored of this and want to see authentic content that matches the business they’re interacting with.

This means investing both time and money in creating your own online content, hiring a photographer, editing the photos and optimizing your content to make it uniquely yours and, therefore, to stand out from the crowd.

#5 – Engage with Social Proof

When you go on a website like Amazon, how are you choosing what to buy? Are you using the prices, the information, or the reviews of the product? The chances are you’re using all three, but mainly looking to see

what other people have said first.

Who buys a one-star product?

This concept needs to be applied to your practice. Make sure you’re offering examples of reviews and testimonials from past customers, and you’re replying and engaging with reviews left on your sites and engines like Google.


As you can see, there are lots of key areas you’ll want to focus on when it comes to marketing your dental business in 2019. Be smart, watch the trends and properly invest your time in marketing professional and effectively to get the best results.

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