The Main Causes of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or Hypertension is a very serious illness which has no cure. However, there are ways to control it. There are several causes of high blood pressure which most doctors check for first.

High blood pressure usually does not begin until later in life, however, there are some exceptions to that. In many cases the older a person is, the more apt their chances are to have high blood pressure. High blood pressure is dangerous because it makes your heart have to pump blood harder and faster.

Black tonometer and heart isolated on white

A) Your Weight

One cause of high blood is being overweight. First the doctor will prescribe a low sodium, low calorie diet which will usually consist of lean meats only, and no salt substitutes. The meats cannot contain very much fat at all; and turkey meat or chicken once the skin has been thoroughly removed. Also the amount of water intake which your body takes in will have some part in how high your blood pressure can be. Water and salt affect the way your kidneys work; and your nervous system as well as your blood vessels are affected.

When the blood vessels are damaged they become narrower; and this increases the pressure which is being put on the vessels and the heart. This makes it harder for the blood to flow naturally. Regular checkups with your family physician should be done, to ensure that your blood pressure is normal.

B) Other Causes


Other causes of high blood pressure can include people who smoke, or people that drink alcohol. Not getting enough exercise will cause weak blood vessels, as well a weak heart condition.

Doing some simple exercises daily will help strengthen your heart; and the blood vessels will be allowed to stretch, and will allow more blood to flow freely. When a person is physically active they have the potential to avoid heart disease and hypertension. These are not the only causes of high blood pressure; there are many other causes which can contribute to the list of causes, such as stress.

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