Top 10 foods to eat when pregnant

Eating right during pregnancy can be a nerve wracking experience especially due to the lots of conflicting information available.

Even if you are careful to take meals containing all the essential minerals and vitamins, you might not be taking the right foods especially if your appetite is not up to speed yet.

The following are top 10 that you should eat when pregnant to ensure that you, as well as the baby, get all the nutrients you both need. While taking care of your pregnancy diet, you should also get regular ultrasounds and watch your baby grow.

  • Eggs

Eggs contains only about 90 calories. In addition to their low calories they contains more than twelve vitamins and minerals as well as quality protein which is essential during pregnancy.

The baby cells are growing at a high rate and each cell is made of protein plus the pregnant woman also needs proteins.

Eggs also contain choline which promotes the brain health, overall growth of the body as well as prevents neural tube defects. There even some eggs that contain omega-3 fats which is important for vision and brain development.

Look for DHA enriched eggs as they contain the highest amounts of omega 3. Though eggs are high in cholesterol, their levels of saturated fats is low; about 1.5g per egg.

Pregnant women with a normal blood cholesterol can take one or two eggs daily along with a balanced diet low in fat but if your lever of blood cholesterol is a concern, you can replace the egg whites with whole eggs.

  • Salmon

Not only salmon a good source of proteins but also omega 3 fats which is good for the development of the baby and it also boosts a pregnant woman’s mood. Unlike shark, tilefish, king mackerel and swordfish, it has low amounts of methylmercury which can be harmful to the development of the baby.

  • Beans

Beans contains the most of proteins and fiber of all vegetables. Adequate proteins and fiber during pregnancy is very important.

Also, during pregnancy, the gastrointestinal track slows down which puts you are risk of hemorrhoids and constipation and fiber will help relieve these problems.

  • Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes contain carotenoid, a plant pigment that is converted to vitamin A when it gets to the body. Though consuming the vitamin A in animal sources like milk, eggs and liver is dangerous, that from sweet potatoes is different.

This is because carotenoid is only converted to vitamin A when needed.

Besides vitamin A, sweet potatoes are also a source of fiber, folate, vitamin C.

  • Whole grains

Whole grains are essential during pregnancy due to their high content of nutrients and fiber. The nutrients in whole grains include: phytonutrients, selenium and Vitamin A.

  • Walnuts

Walnuts are the richest source of plant based omega 3 hence essential for pregnant women.

  • Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt has twice the amount of protein of regular yogurt making it a must eat pregnancy food. Any type of yogurt is a good source of calcium which is important during pregnancy as it helps to keep your bones strong as well as lay a healthy skeleton for the baby.

If you fail to take enough calcium, the limited amount goes to the baby.

  • Dark green, leafy vegetables

Swiss chard, kales, Spinach and other leafy vegetables contain nutrients such as Vitamins A,C and K, and folate which are essential for the normal development of the baby.

  • Lean meats

Meat especially red meat is a good source of proteins but you should look for pieces which are almost fat free. Pork and beef stand out as they contain choline in addition to proteins.

  • Lentils

A very important nutrients during pregnancy is B vitamin also known as folic acid when taken as a supplement and lentils contains high amounts of it.

For a normal and healthy development of the unborn baby, you should ensure that you eat healthy meals that contain any of the above foods.


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