Top 7 Useful Tips To Alleviate Geographic Tongue

About 2% of the world population suffers from geographic tongue. The extraordinary disease can happen with people from any age, race or gender. However, almost sufferers are women and geographic tongue is also more common in adults. Despite the fact that the awful health condition usually occurs when the patients were children and then disappeared, it is possible for geographic tongue return to those people when they are adults. According to Oral maxillofacial surgeons, although the health condition is a form of harmless physiopathology to the human health but no medicine is created to cure it completely. The disease usually occurs suddenly and also resolves itself after a few years. Follow this article for discovering top quick and effective ways to get rid of geographic tongue briskly.


What causes geographic tongue?

No exact cause for the pathology is found out, but some of the disease-related factors are mentioned below.

  • The pathology commonly occurs in patients suffering psoriasis, diabetes, anemia, allergies (asthma or eczema) and psychological stress.
  • In the health check for some patients, foods seem to be a trigger factor to geographic tongue, especially cheese.
  • In genetic terms, a person will experience the pathology if a member or more in his/her family have suffered from the disease before.
  • In a research of hormonal aspect, women endure the disorder of menstrual cycle and physiologic changes during pregnancy will easily become the future patients.


 The common symptoms of geographic tongue

Being a benignant migratory disease, all the physiologic changes in the human body only appear on the mucosa of the tongue. Although almost no symptoms of the pathology is defined in shape, in some cases, some signs will be discovered when the sufferers consume hot or spicy foods. The discomfort often come and leave without realizing, but it is more noticeable for women in menstrual period and those during pregnancy. The major manifestations includes:

  • White dots on the tongue temporarily disappear and unspecified erythema appears on the tongue.
  • The border of damaged areas is in golden ash or white and separated with the healthy mucosa of the tongue.
  • When spreading around the tongue, the injury can lead to the larger damaged areas. Sometimes, the pathology can develop in other positions in the mouth or on the lips instead of being limited in the tongue.
  • Tongue irritations appear when eating or drinking due to the superinfection of the bacterial infection in the oral cavity or that of candidiasis.

Although geographic tongue is nonmalignant, but if no specific medication can be used to deal with the health conditions, the irritating situation may last several months or even longer than that. Unfortunately, we’re here with useful recommendations to get the sufferers rid of geographic tongue. Keep reading the article to acknowledge yourself with the most up-to-date and advantageous remedies.

Top Treatments for Geographic tongue

  1. Honey and Eclipta alba

The combination of honey and Eclipta alba is one of the effective tricks for the treatment of tongue inflammation such as geographic tongue. To effect the organic method, Rinse fresh Eclipta alba leaves off by clean water and then, squeeze to get the leaves juice after pounding them. Mix the juice with 1 ml of purified honey. Next, use the tongue pad to apply the mixture over the affected areas twice to 3 times a day.

  1. Brassica chinensis

Another cheap but helpful ingredient for tongue improvement is Brassica chinensis. What you need to do is getting the roots of Brassica chinensis washed, sliced them into smaller units. Then, grind the items into powder after frying them until they are dried. Put the powder on the tongue twice to 3 times a day to see how great the treatment can work!

  1. Green tea

It is suggested that you should drink warm green tea daily to help your oral cavity clean and clear. Thereby, the fluid intake to the human body also increase which leads to the reduction of the serious state of the geographic tongue that you are experiencing.

  1. Additional vitamins from vegetables

In addition to the organic ingredients as mentioned above, when a person is enduring geographic tongue, it is important to keep the oral hygiene, clean the tongue and eat a lot of fresh fruits and green vegetables to get your body supplemented with vitamins B1, B2, B6 and vitamin C. Patients should increase the consumption of green vegetables, black beans, tapioca and drink more water. People who suffer from the pathology should avoid hot or spicy foods and alcoholic beverages. Maintain oral hygiene is recommended to prevent ulcers accompanying with geographic tongue.

  1. Sauropus androgynous

To treat the bothersome health condition with Sauropus androgynous, you only need to take a few leaves of the kind of vegetables, clean them with water and then, get the leaves crushed to get the juice. After that, apply the juice to the tongue by using a gauze. Implement the remedy twice a day to speed up the tongue recovery, avoid the damage spreading and alleviate the disease’ recurrence.

  1. Honey and turmeric

To maintain the mouth hygiene, you also need to thoroughly clean the mouth and the oral mucosa gently with clean water. Then, make a mixture of a few drops of purified honey with a tablespoon of turmeric powder and place the combination to the affected positions. Combining honey and turmeric not only help clean up the oral cavity but also support the recovery of the tongue.

  1. Salt water

Many self-care treatment for the tongue diseases is based on salt water. This DIY method helps to reduce the risk of pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity. You just have to combine a few grains of refined salt with a glass of clean water to get wishy-washy saline. After that, washing your mouth once a day by the salt water. Make you of the natural remedy day by day to make it take effect. Also, salt water can help on how to stop wisdom tooth pain.


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