Unmatched Dental Expertise

Dentistry is a department in Medicine that requires complete knowledge in dental and oral medicine. Finding a dentist with unmatched capabilities is something many fail to find whenever a dental or oral condition pops up.

If you have been searching for a dentist who can turn your life around and make you smile with all the set of your teeth clearly constructed in an amazing way, look no further because you already found him here.

Dr. Daniel Vinograd is the dentist with exceptional skills that merges with beneficial practices such as yoga and meditation to ensure a holistic dentist san diego profile on one’s health. The question here is, “Where did he get his timeless abilities? Please Watch this Video…

Dr. Daniel Vinograd, D.D.S, N.M.D graduated from the University of South California upon getting his certificate in D.D.S. He also went further to attain his certificate in dentistry from the Universidad Technlogica de Mexico.

He pursued on to attain a degree in Naturopathic Medicine and also ventured to San Diego State University to get a BCLAD certificate.

He has been in dentistry for more than 30 years and another 8 years in biocompatible dentistry. He first worked as an associate professor in University of Southern California in the School of Dentistry and then took part in various dental mission trips.

He eventually became a registered member of the International Association of Mercury Safe Dentists who believes in the utility of mercury-free procedures such as fillings in dental procedures.

Dr. Vinograd is also a member of the International Society of Dental Anxiety Management and also another group referred to as the International Academy of Oral Medicine.

He therefore has enough expertise in dental and oral health and highly recommended in globally and in the US as one of the best dentists.

He also speaks fluent English and Spanish languages and possesses great communication skills with his clients.

Dr. Vinograd offers his services in Brighton Gentle Dental clinic in 10450 Friars Road Suite G in the San Diego area, CA. which is just a few meters away from his former situation at the gum disease.

More information about him and the priceless services he has to offer as not only a dentist but an all round medical professional can be found on his website, drvinograd.com.

Check in with us and you will understand that there is no dental or medical condition that our team at the Brighton Gentle Dental clinic cannot rectify.

Author Bio:

Doctor Vinograd is a Holistic Dentist in San Diego, as well as a Naturopathic Doctor. He is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), the International Association of Mercury Safe Dentists (IAMSD), as well as the International Society of Dental Anxiety Management (ISDAM); and his lectures on biocompatible dentistry are broadcast worldwide. More about his San Diego Dental Practice .