What Age Should I Bring My Child To The Dentist?

The parents always remain unsure about the first visit of their child to the dentist. And these questions always keep on prevailing in their mind-  

Should they wait until the problem in the teeth arises?

Or they must wait until all the teeth come out?

But here, the experts say that the child’s first dentist visit must be when their teeth are erupting out in the mouth and no later than the age of two years.

According to Kanata Dental, the first visit of the child to a dentist isn’t the real task to do. Maybe it’s just a go through walk in the clinic to make your child familiar with the dentistry equipment.

The Kanata dentists also give some relevant information during the child’s first visit with their parents which involves:

  • Mouth cleaning practices
  • Infant feeding tips
  • Baby tooth decay information do’s and don’ts
  • Teething and pacifier habits etc.

The first visit of the child to a dentist also ensures three primary things which are as follows:

#1 First thing

Child preparation

During the first visit, the first thing a dentist does is make the child familiar with the staff and environment of the dentistry room. It is to ensure that the child would not threaten with the dentistry equipment and enjoy their first visit.

Kanata dentists also ensure to tell the importance of visiting a dental clinic and even build some excitement in the child to understand the significance in better ways.

#2 Second thing

Dental awareness

The second thing preferred by the family dentistry Kanata is dental awareness. But this time it is for both parents as well as a child too. The Kanata dentist makes the parents familiar with the importance of tooth health. Also, they help in teaching the child about the dental tools and equipment so that they do not fear them.  

During this stage, there is a duty of parents to give a complete history of the clinical examination of their child to the dentist. This will help the dentist to examine in better ways.

#3 Third thing

Quick examination

The third and the essential thing during the first visit of a child is a quick examination of the teeth. They will take a close look at the tooth decay, gums, jaw, biting, mouth frenum condition, which may affect their speech too.

A child dentist visit chart

The visiting chart will help in knowing the dentist about the dental health of the child in better ways.

  • 10 to 24 months: The first visit ensures the tooth eruption and child behavior when the tooth is erupting in the mouth.
  • 2 to 3 years: The second visit of the child must be at the age of two to three years to examine any cavity, swollen gums, and tooth decay issues.
  • 3 to 4 years: The third visit must be between the age of three to four years, where the child is having a proper dental procedure like cavity filling, tooth decay treatment, etc.


The first visit of a child always remains a puzzle for the parents. But according to the experts, a child must visit the dentist once every six months. It will help them in keeping their gums and teeth healthy.

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