What Happens When You Quit Smoking?

Perhaps you started smoking just because a friend handed over their cigarette to you to ‘try it out,’ and now it has become an addiction. It has now reached a point where you feel like you cannot do without a cigarette or two, and you are worried about your health. Well, all is not lost. If you are wondering if it is really worth it to quit smoking, the answer is, yes it is. And to enlighten you more, here is what happens when you quit smoking.

Be ready for withdrawal symptoms

Quitting smoking is not a onetime thing; it is a process. Keep in mind that the body was already used to a constant supply of nicotine, which in turn caused some changes in the balance of dopamine in the brain. As such, getting the body to its normal equilibrium means that you will have to deal with withdrawal symptoms, some of which are quite intense. The cravings for a cigarette will increase immensely; you can be easily irritable, have mood swings, gets headaches, and start feeling very tired. But fret not, these are signs that you are on a journey that will be successful if you hold on. It is best if you find some distraction, especially when the urge to smoke comes. You could either engage in some social activities, listen to music, or even start exercising. This will help you focus on other things besides thinking of how you will get one last puff.

Benefits of quitting

Quitting to smoke is one of the greatest milestones you can ever achieve. And this is because it is not an easy thing to do. However, it is worth it all, keeping in mind that smoking poses a lot of health dangers. It is everyone’s wish to live a long healthy life. Some of the benefits of quitting smoking which include;

  1. Improved health

Cigarettes contain over 7000 harmful chemicals that you subject your body to when you smoke. And most of these chemicals are carcinogens, which means that you are at high risk of getting lung cancer if you continue with the habit. Quitting smoking means that you will have evaded the risk of getting lung cancer, which saves you a big deal. Additionally, your lung capacity will also increase, meaning that you will be able to breathe better and even exercise for longer. So much so, within no time, your skin will start glowing as well.

  • Better moods

As aforementioned, it is daunting dealing with the withdrawal symptoms, and you can find yourself having very bad moods. However, after your body adapts and gets to a state of equilibrium, you will realize that you can now enjoy every moment and even interact with other people better.

  • You will save more

Being an addict means that you always had to buy a packet of cigarettes from time and again, which of course, cost some money. So much so, due to the health problems associated with smoking, you might have found yourself visiting the doctor often. However, when you stop smoking, you won’t have to incur such costs, which puts you in a better place financially.

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