What to Expect at Your Initial Cosmetic Dentistry Visit

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A visit to the cosmetic dentist is your first step towards a beautiful and a healthy smile. A cosmetic dentist is a person who can help you achieve your cosmetic goals and guide you more about maintaining a proper dental health.  They are capable of restoring and improving your smile in multiple ways. Whether it is treating decayed teeth in a discreet way, removing visible stains from the teeth, straightening crooked teeth, reshaping your gums, replacing broken and lost teeth, or any such thing related to facial appearance, cosmetic dentistry is the key. When you want to consult a cosmetic dentist, there are a lot of thoughts going on in your head as a dental cosmetic surgery is a huge step. For this, when you schedule your first appointment with the cosmetic dentist, it is essential to get it done right. There are several points that you can expect to happen during the first appointment.

A cosmetic dentist has a different way of conducting the first appointment when compared to other medical practitioners. So, here is a complete walkthrough of a probable first appointment with a cosmetic dentist. You can know what to expect to happen during the appointment in order to be ready with your questions.

  1. A Detailed Inspection of Your Mouth:This is the initial step that is necessary to be conducted by any cosmetic dentist. It involves a complete evolution of the mouth along with all the previous dental works. If necessary, intraoral images and x-rays of teeth and soft tissues are taken. During this evaluation, the doctor analyses and enlists all the probable treatments for the mouth. This also includes casts of upper and lower teeth for patients interested in orthodontics. The dentist also does various assessments of your smile to find ways to perfect it.
  2. Discuss Your Goals:After the preliminary assessment, the dentist would ask you about what you aim to achieve through the consultation. Ask about your short-term and long-term goals through cosmetic dental treatments. They explain to you the details that they observed in their inspection and tell you all the changes that can be made possible. Several before and after pictures are shown to establish realistic expectations for the treatment. Tooth color goals are discussed for patients opting for veneers, crowns, teeth whitening, or dental implants. You are shown the assessment of your smile on a computer model to explain to you how your smile will transform. With all these explanations, you have also explained the complete procedure of the cosmetic dental treatment and how to go about it.
  3. The Treatment Specifics:Once you have established what type of a treatment you need and what your goals are, the next step of the appointment is the treatment details. The cosmetic dentist explains the stepwise details of the procedure and clears all your doubts. You are briefed about the duration of the treatment procedure and the number of sittings required. Also, the cost an estimate of the whole procedure is given to you. You can ask your doubts related to the financing of the treatment as well. Also, you have explained the aftercare tips and what precautions you need to take to make the treatment a complete success. There are several after treatment is tips that you need to clearly be briefed about to ensure best results.

With these 3 parts, the first appointment with the cosmetic dentist ends. Make sure that you compare the costs of the treatment online. As any cosmetic dental surgery requires several appointments, it is essential to consult experienced and compassionate cosmetic dentist who is friendly and you feel comfortable with him or her.

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