YourHealthblog get Page Rank 2

Hello to all my lovely readers. Today, I don’t have any idea to write or ‘copy paste’ article about health. I’m also not in good condition. Today, I’m very tired after get job to clean some dirty house. It is a job that must be done in short time. It is hard but it makes me sweat more and it is good for my body.

I just opened (5 May 2012, 11:22 pm) and found some good news. Yourhealthblog get Page Rank 1 after don’t have any number in Page Rank widget. The Alexa Rank also get a better position, 3,954,471. It is still in million rank but it is better than previous month which is the rank is higher than 4M. Hopefully, this blog will improve this month and could reach the better ranking.

Thanks you for reading this blog. Hopefully this blog will give information you need/

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