5 Great Gifts for the Health Fitness Enthusiast in Your Life

Do you have any loved ones who health fitness enthusiasts? Do you even know how to spot one? Let me help you. Let’s look at this checklist:

Does your loved one:

Have a set of free weights in their car:

This means they always some exercise equipment they can grab whenever they need—or want—to. It doesn’t have to be free weights; it could be small dumbells or an extra pair of workout gear at the back of the trunk. Perhaps even a pair or two of running shoes besides regular shoes!

Know everyone at the gym:

This isn’t just about being a social animal; it’s also about spending a hefty amount of time in the gym to actually be able to develop and cultivate relationships with the people there. Perhaps they know at least one-half of the people in the place when they walk it—maybe even more! But one thing’s for sure, they spend a lot of time in the gym, and they’re making the most out of it.

They have a subscription to 3 or more of the following:

Muscle and fitness, Self, Ideafit, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Shape and Fitness. If you checked yes in more than 3 of the above criteria, your loved one is most likely a health fitness enthusiast! If you’re looking into making them feel special or just to simply express how grateful you are to have them in your life or how much they mean to you, then you’re in the right place! Here are 5 great gifts for the health enthusiasts in your life!

A sweat-resistant sports bra

Sports bras are not accessories to a health fitness enthusiast. It’s an indispensable gear that helps protect their bodies and improve their performance. In fact, sports bras provide the best support during exercise and in any sports activities. This is especially since these can cause strain along with the ligaments and muscles around the breasts. The intense movement could stretch and tear these muscles, which could lead to irreversible damage like drooping and sagging breasts. Your loved one can avoid this by controlling the muscles in that area and minimize breast movement. Without this control, the physical activities become not only inconvenient but also painfulImagine if you can give them the next level experience by gifting them sweat-resistant sports bras! This time, they can easily wick sweat away from the body while simultaneously increase the amount of airflow into their skin. This way, they can exercise and keep their bodies cool and dry. Some brands and models now have storage capabilities, where you can put MP3 players and other small items so you won’t need a bag or a pouch when you’re out running.

Motivational Water Bottles

Nothing is sweeter than having something from your loved one that continuously encourages you with just one look. That’s why motivational water bottles are ideal and quite adorable to give away as gifts to fitness enthusiast loved ones. In fact, you can also give them an eco-friendly stainless steel bottle or take their experience to the next level by giving them a double wall insulated water bottle to help keep their water cool throughout their workout. Help keep them hydrated and remind them how much they mean to you!

Hydration Running Belt

Since we’re already on the topic of hydration, you might want to consider giving your loved one a hydration running belt. It comes with a roomy pocket for essentials, and it’s best to buy one that has a capacity of two bottles. This way, your loved one can break a sweat running with the convenience of not having to hold their water bottles. They can simply snuggly fit in the hydration running belt, along with other essentials such as their phone, money, ID, or anything they feel the need to carry!

Core Max 2.0

This gift is not only convenient but greatly timely as well. If your loved one likes to exercise at home, or you want to reduce the trips they make to the gyms (so they can stay safer from the Corona Virus,) you can give them a Core Max 2.0, a multiple bodyweight movement types of equipment. This compact device can help them work out in the safety and convenience of their own home. You easily store this away after you’re done using, or simply place them in a corner, and you’re done! The best part is that they can use it—workout—and at the same time binge watch Netflix series!

Collapsible Treadmill

Talk about compact and convenient devices, this one is another great gift you can consider. It’s small and easily fits the corner. With a compact, collapsible Treadmill, your loved one can run, jog and walk inside their homes without having to worry about contracting the Corona Virus outside. It’s easy to operate, and they can use it whenever they want. The best thing is that these are actually sturdy and a lot quieter than you’d they would be!

Now that you have a few gift ideas for your loved ones, go ahead and explore more of the ways you can show them that they mean a lot to you!

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